Queen of Hearts

Biotoxins from Houston and joy from further south

Dear Carol,
I hope you will relay some information on a suppressed veterans’ issue that has become a suppressed public-health issue. The young woman from Oakland who has body rashes, hives with white centers, acne, itchy skin, fatigue, short-term memory loss, and terrible joint pains [see “Queen of Hearts” 3/2/01] is probably suffering the effects of something known as Mycoplasma Incognitus, a low-grade bio-war mycotoxin used on our troops by the Iraqis during the Gulf War and sold to Iraq and thirteen other countries by Tanax Biosystems of Houston, Texas (where it was first bioengineered) and by 82 other companies, all of which are currently being sued by a lawyer named Spagnoletti. On Feb. 9, 1994, a Sen. Riegle spoke on the use of chemical and biological warfare agents in the Gulf War, on the disease’s communicability, and of the public-health risk. I know. I contracted this 8 1/2 years ago as an STD. I have been fighting it for almost three years with long-term antibiotic therapy using such medicines as doxycycline and minocycline. I have had a lot of problems.

I hope you will do the right thing and relay this information to the young woman because, if left untreated, she will suffer heart problems in a few years and kidney failure within seven years. Even if you don’t want to recognize this problem because it casts aspersions on the sacrosanctimoniousness of your immaculate government, spreading the word could save this girl’s life or at least her kidneys, and could block at least one vector. She can call American Gulf War Veterans’ Association at 800-231-7631 or log onto www. gulfwarvets.com or call Dr. Nicholson at 714-903-2900 (www.immed.org), or contact the Immunosciences Lab at 800-950-4686. This is a very real problem, not science fiction, not “right-wing conspiracy theory,” and not “anti-government hate.” –Infected in Oakland

Dear Infected,
My “immaculate government”? Au contraire! I assure you: the reason your letter hasn’t been printed for the last two months has to do with misplaced mail that the Express finally forwarded to me, and is not that I quail at being “politically incorrect” or am a pawn of the vast government conspiracy. And even if I were, I would have printed your letter anyway, just to see whether it could help get the term “sacrosanctimoniousness” into the lexicons of the future. Sometimes you just need a ten-dollar word to describe an issue like this.

Various strains of Mycoplasma have been implicated lately in several disease states, not just the pneumonia that we associate most closely with it. I’ve written about Dr. Garth Nicholson’s research, and his surmising that Mycoplasma was used during the Gulf War, in this space before. I should, indeed, have thought to ask the original writer whether she or her partner were Gulf vets. Hopefully this info will be of use to her and to other readers.

And now, as promised last month, the first installment of the East Bay Masturbation Files:
Hey Carol,
“What the East Bay is doing when it puts its hands in its pants”–I love it! Though I’ve only discovered anal play in the last three years or so (I’m forty now), I’ve jumped right on it, so to speak. I must say that I wish I knew about the pleasures of the male multiple orgasm when I was younger. Even though mine was a journey of self-discovery, I still feel cheated. But then if someone told me I’d be playing with plugs and vibes and swallowing my own spunk, I would most certainly have considered it an assault on my sense of self.

In my experience, swallowing my cum after ejaculation does not feel as draining as the shameful Kleenex wipe of my youth. I was raised with the “steal Dad’s Playboy mags” education in masturbation. In my thirties I realized masturbation to ejaculation was physically a drain, and just plain didn’t feel “complete” as an orgasm. I never had a partner who satisfied me orally. But I read so much porn that I decided one day to swallow my cum myself. I loved it, and though I questioned my identity I reasoned that since I wasn’t fatigued as usual then it was a good thing. Years ago, I read a column about other straight boys doing it, which was a fun validation.

But anal play is so taboo even now in regards to male masturbation education. Some of the benefits I’ve found: multiple orgasm; relaxed sphincter and an equivalent relaxed demeanor (i.e., the meaning of the anal-retentive personality is clear); a softer, more diffuse sexuality that is not so female dependent. I think men need a redefinition involving orgasm as ejaculation. It has started. It was never mentioned when I was growing up. I think the book The Multi-Orgasmic Male is a milestone. Even though I identify myself as bi-poly (as opposed to bipolar), I am in a hetero marriage and am a father. My self-pleasuring does not involve my wife by her choice and conservativeness. But I do think that male sexuality as it is promoted in this culture is unhealthy. Masturbation can be a radical act in redefining men’s relationship to their bodies and to women.

Boys, anal play and male multiples are happening! Get on board –or get it on, bored. First off, swallow your own cum, het-boys! You can’t expect her to, if you don’t, too! Then slide one in the back door! Explore! More, more, more. –Fiddle-Dee-Dee

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