Prescription: Gallows Humor

For the week of November 10-16, 2010.

Planetary crosscurrents ripple across the waters of daily life this week, and as these waves pulse through regular routines, emotional bodies, personal as well as collective, are likely to respond with increased sensitivity. Put simply: The ethers are edgy. And as nervous systems strain to tolerate the anxious atmosphere, quick reactions are probable. Expect lots of people, including yourself, to lean toward inappropriate responses, as in “too little, too late” or “too much, too soon.” Also anticipate many declarations of independence, as many of us decide it’s time to break free from the ties that bind us to the mundane, or to whatever it is we think is holding us back from something we can’t quite name. The good news is that there is enough goodwill to soothe the intensity. So, should you find yourself adrift on a sea of conflicting agendas or demands, you’re likely to find a fellow traveler to help ease the confusion.

Several planetary interactions combine to produce tension. First, a Mercury/Mars conjunction, in Sagittarius, dials nervous irritation way up, and that inflammation is certain to cause more than a few confrontations over major and minor issues. Mercury represents the mind, which we know moves between heaven and hell in the blink of an eye. Mars signifies movement, particularly physical action, and when it shares the same space with Mercury, Mars turns antsy for action, as in something’s got to give — and that something usually shows itself as rash choices, choices we tend to regret after the glow of activity has dimmed. Fortunately, Saturn sextiles the Mercury/Mars conjunction, providing the potential to slow the pace of this otherwise hasty influence — but be careful not to let Saturn’s presence turn into a stubborn refusal to consider the ideas of others.

A Sun/Neptune square adds to the sensitivity of the week, as it supplies the potential to be far too susceptible to suggestion. Continue to rely on your intuition, but be aware that some of what you’re picking up on is likely to be distorted by the already anxious air.

The surge for independence is symbolized by the Sun’s trine to the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction. We love this positive interaction first because it lifts spirits, and second … because it lifts spirits. Jupiter/Uranus is the signature for sudden shifts in destiny, and when that positive force combines with the light of the Sun, it’s possible to embrace an expansive optimistic perspective that won’t take “no” for an answer. Just be aware: The fanatic Zealot is the often in the shadow of this powerful influence, so do your best to respect or at least try to understand the opinions of others. This trine will last until the end of the month, which means there’s plenty of time to bask in its constructive influence.

But the best news about this Sun/Jupiter/Uranus trine is that it encourages humor, and laughter is the best medicine for the heart. Even if it’s gallows humor, find the funny, the silly, and the hilarious, and allow that joy to buoy your mood as well as your attitude.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES The challenge is discovering how to hold steady in what you already know to be true, as you simultaneously stay open to the endless possibilities of transformation.

TAURUS Don’t deny your financial concerns, but also be aware be prepared for sudden developments that could shift your current situation. In other words, accentuate the positive and be prepared to embrace the results.

GEMINI Expect dynamic interactions with significant others to inspire a new approach to several important areas. It isn’t necessary to actualize every idea. Feeling alive and motivated will help you transform an old problem.

CANCER Allow yourself to stretch beyond your comfort zone and you’ll access an expanded awareness that includes previously unconsidered options. You don’t have to use psychedelics to reach this state — you just have to stay open.

LEO Of course you’re anxious about the outcome; we all are. But the trick is to not let that anxiety, specified or unspecified, disrupt your creative flow. Channel your intensity into specific projects, and you’ll feel better.

VIRGO Try to back away from fussing too much over the details of home improvement, and don’t give your power away to the color of the paint. Instead, focus your attention on creating greater harmony within.

LIBRA As several work opportunities present themselves, the emphasis shifts off of relationships and onto your career. While the relief is palpable, it’s important to remember you are still in a relationship with yourself.

SCORPIO Rely on your innate intuitive skills to put you in touch with the deeper story. Include the hidden elements of the situation, and you’ll have an easier time making your decision.

SAGITTARIUS It’s “welcome back to sadge mouth” with Mercury and Mars in your Sign, activating your innate loquacious talents. Don’t be surprised if you can’t stop talking. Rather than resist this current, enjoy it, and when you can, remember to listen with equal enthusiasm.

CAPRICORN Refuse to spend one moment of your time fretting about the future. Stay in the moment, speak your truth, and allow the situation to unfold at its own pace.

AQUARIUS You’re still in an inspired phase and there is still every reason to believe that some of your ideas will produce a positive financial result. Just don’t spend the money before the check clears.

PISCES Even though it feels overwhelming, you can handle the intensity and the additional workload. All you have to do is focus on each task until it is finished. It’s as simple as it sounds.


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