Playing the Blame Game

For the week of January 27-February 9, 2010.

I’m not sure whether we are reflecting the stars this week or if the stars are mirroring us. And I’m also not sure if it matters. What I do know for sure is that many of us are polarized, divided, and antagonistic, a mood that is mimicked by a couple of celestial patterns. For some, this oppositional stance is a welcome opportunity to identify and release frustration. For others, the tension is unwelcome and unbearable. For still more, the air seems rife with resistance and hostility. And, for the rest — or at least those not tuned out through apathy or indifference — the atmosphere seems charged with opportunities for growth and transformation. No matter where you find yourself along the spectrum of this week’s energy field, try to keep in mind that opposites can also be seen as complements, especially when we are willing to synthesize what separates and divides through understanding and reconciliation.

The first major “rub” of the week is the second exact square between Saturn and Pluto on January 31. (The first exact contact occurred on November 15, 2009.) Saturn represents structures, Pluto symbolizes power, and squares signify friction. From a personal perspective, the friction generated by this square could spark self-destructive behavior or a need to behave badly in the lives of others. Check your intentions before you put in motion consequences you might later regret. From a collective perspective, this square continues to exacerbate the crumbling foundation of systems that no longer serve. Of course, how you identify those systems depends upon your political persuasion. For my money, the lobbyists would be the first to go; then, once the field was cleared of special interests, it would be easier to see which politicians are actually interested in public service rather than self-service.

The second major source of irritation this week is a Mars opposition to the Venus/Sun conjunction. Finally, Mars can give us something to shout about. For weeks, it’s been “out there” on its own, and now, as it opposes Venus and the Sun, several weeks of repressed frustration can unload. Just be careful where you download, as well as whom you download on. If you spent the last several weeks seeing everyone as an enemy, frustrated about making forward progress, or exhausted by more than you can handle, you could be tempted to aim your anger at whoever happens to be in your way. Emotional release is certain to feel good, but it may accomplish more harm than you can imagine. So don’t indulge tirades.

Lots of us will aim our anger at President Obama, blaming him for recent failures that keep us tethered to the status quo and under the spell of a cultural paradigm that continues to enslave us through a commitment to ignorance. Perhaps too few of us realize that many of the seemingly insurmountable problems we are facing were put in motion by the previous administration. And while President Obama is not a saint, we are a nation of instant everything. We want instant remedies, including some sort of political penicillin that will bring the financial fever down and make the headaches from what we don’t understand go away. But there is no instant cure to what ails. There is only the moment-by-moment work of conscious living. And no leader can do that work for us. We must each do our own, one realization at a time.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon sign, read that, too.

ARIES Rather than resist the opinion of partners, listen to what’s being said. You may not agree, but considering other options will enhance your ability to make informed choices.

TAURUS Conflict between career concerns and personal obligations could leave you slightly frazzled. You won’t be able to handle everything; prioritize your time and do the best you can.

GEMINI You’re too excited about what’s new to sweat the small stuff. So rather than get snared by details, relax. The situation will eventually sort itself out.

CANCER Anxiety about money could trigger confrontations with partners, personal or professional. Be bold, talk about what’s worrying you, and enlist your partner’s help in finding solutions.

LEO Some of your friends and family will disagree with the way you think certain things should be done. Rather than flatly refuse to consider their opinions, take a deep breath and listen with an open heart.

VIRGO You can brood about the situation or you can speak your mind. If your intention is to punish, your words will fall on deaf ears, but if your intention is to heal, your words will be well received.

LIBRA Difficult conversations with friends or associates could polarize an already delicate situation. Make every effort to make peace, and your determination will help to create a peaceful resolution.

SCORPIO Release the need to control the outcome and you will be able to facilitate a win/win compromise. This is easier said than done, but you will be diffusing the tension.

SAGUTTARIUS There’s no need to hide behind your pride. If you need help, ask for it, and as your situation calms down, be prepared to offer assistance to others.

CAPRICORN It doesn’t have to turn into a financial emergency, but avoiding the drama means assuming leadership. Stay steady, be reasonable, and others will follow your example.

AQUARIUS Read Leo above, then add this: Your innate egalitarian approach will help you to find a fair solution that will empower all participants.

PISCES Apply humor, liberally, to any stressful situation, and you will transform the tension. Remember, laughter is the best medicine for the heart.

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