Plaintiffs in Gay Marriage Lawsuit Split, Tribune Unaware

Cristy Chung and Lancy Woo, the lead plaintiff’s in the lawsuit challenging California’s gay marriage ban, have separated and want their names off the case, the Chron reports. Oddly enough, the Oakland Tribune ran a front-page feature today talking about how Chung and her partner have had a heckuva time finding a good school for their daughter. The Trib story makes no mention about the couple’s breakup. Here’s a passage that quotes Chung: “‘I was looking to see if they were open and welcoming to families like mine,’ said Chung, a cheerful mother with a bright smile who lives with her partner and daughter in San Francisco. ‘At most of them I didn’t get very far.'”

The Trib story looks like an evergreen feature the editors had in the can for a while to run on a slow news day, referring to a speech Chung gave last month to gay parents in the East Bay. Trib scribe Grace Rauh confirmed that the story had been in the can for a while, but said she talked with Chung not too long ago. Guess Chung forgot to mention the minor detail of her breakup.

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