.Our Man Girl Talk Quits Day Job

Fresh off a local appearance at Wired‘s RAVE Awards, everyone’s favorite biomedical engineer and demented producer Girl Talk loses his slashy title by May’s end.
[Cue credit-card commercial music and montage]
“Nine-to-five day job testing things to stick in people’s bodies? $60,000 a year.”
“Weekend job rocking booties till the break of dawn? Variable.”
“Quitting nine to five ‘cuz booty-rocking pays bills just fine? Priceless.”
From Greg’s MySpace: Tuesday, May 15, 2007

We’re the One
Current mood: chipper
Category: Sports

i’m done with my day job in exactly two weeks! i’ll be a full time music man

here’s a list of my non-music plans this summer…

– play basketball all the time

– sun tan

– walk around shirtless

– eat ice cream outdoors

– get a season pass to Sand Castle water park

– check out the Genesis reunion show

– eat at Peppi’s and Village Pizza a ton

– watch movies

– do push-ups

– get to some some beaches

– Pirates games


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