Our Favorite Letters of 2012

Readers sound off on rich brats, cross-species friendships, and something called "Poo~Pourri."

Editor’s Note

Each year we compile some of the memorable letters, rants, and press releases we received during the prior twelve months. In the interest of verisimilitude, all spelling, punctuation, and grammar are the writers’ own.

This Is My Erotic Story with
Weight Loss

My name is karmela,24 years old, Since my childhood I was having extra weight, very extra, I loved eating too much various foods who they make me increased weight day after day, and I can’t never stop. Until I got to the age of 18 years, the cursory was very bad and I’m ashamed of appearing in front of people, it feels really devastated. I can’t wear clothes that I love plus I can’t find it for me. On the other hand I suffered from cholesterol and hypertension Non-chronic. Become isolated from the people, no friends no intimate relationships because people’s comments about cursory, already I’m ashamed of myself, was my life as hell… So I decided to change my life, make it better, I don’t want to live like this, I want a Beautiful cursory, I want to wear narrow pants and beautiful dresses. I want to have my intimate relationships as all people simply decided to restore my life.

Tired at the beginning, I read a lot about ways to lose weight, foods to eat and stay away from others or minimize, and appropriate sports which help to burn fat better and fast. Hard to get a good result in a short time, it needs patience, strong will, persistence, and not despair. But I knew I can do that I will succeed. I learned not to believe false ads, they say to lose weight in one week that I bought this product, for sale sports machine or Weight loss products. Because when you buy and short time passes without any apparent change, you get frustrated and be disappointed, And feel it’s nothing that can help you or solve your problem. So do what you see fit not to believe false ads, armed with patience and determination, working on loses your weight from all sides, Low-fat foods and calories, global food systems, practice of different sports, Regular walking, With determination and continue you get good results and you can do it. This is what happened with me, after that I got the best way to lose weight, I continue them and did not never feel despair. I was thinking always in the objective, in my beautiful configurable and to live a happy life…I noticed that the good results began to appear on my body, Fat less every day, Is my body appears and takes his natural form after that was distorted and Fat stacked everywhere. I got a body always dreamed. People praise my cursory and my figure, Asked how I can make this change. That wasn’t a surprise for me it took time and effort, but if the result was satisfactory, the time and effort and all difficulties are not worth anything to result.

In this period some people tried to embrace me, people who have the same problem-Excess weight- They asked me about the program that I followed, and they advised me to share my experience with others for they will benefit greatly.

That’s what prompted me to write this primary article to tell the people who suffering from excess weight about my experience. There will be other articles tell you about what you must do to get the body you want.


I’m Not so Sure

“The truth, madame,” said he – “in the name of Heaven, the truth! Do not flatter a dying man with a hope that may prove vain.” There he stopped, a look from Colbert telling him he was on the wrong track.

Anna Green

The Gift that Keeps on Giving!!!

This Holiday Season…avoid those embarrassing bathroom odors with Poo~Pourri’s before-you-go bathroom sprays and candles!!

Give a gift that will keep on giving well after the new year has rung with Poo~Pourri.

Poo~Pourri wishes one and all a merry holiday season that’s free of the odors a house full of good food and people can bring. But, if well wishes won’t be enough to hide Uncle Jim’s bathroom presence, then stock up on Poo~Pourri’s before-you-go bathroom sprays and new candles. Made from natural essential oils, they safely contain and destroy unwanted odors so no one has to know what goes on behind closed doors.

Entertain with the holiday spirit by setting out a chic bottle of their Santa Poo bathroom spray in guest restrooms. A spritz or two of this blend of fruity citrus and fresh Holly and Evergreen effectively neutralizes any potential embarrassments and sets everyone in the right mood to enjoy a carol or two. Living a life odor-free is as easy as spraying the toilet bowl water before use and then flushing away. Stuff conveniently sized pocket sprays into stockings, or use their silly toilet paper gift sets as a gag present that friends and family never knew they needed.

Hosts and hostesses aren’t the only ones that love the original Poo~Pourri blend of Bergamot, Lemongrass, and Grapefruit aromas–Santa does too! After a night full of milk and cookies that bearded fellow certainly has to contend with a tummy that’s all a rumble. This holiday season keep the bathroom stocked with Poo~Pourri Original, so that jolly fat man, or any guests that come to town, can take care of business free of care.

Now any space in the house can smell delightfully festive, thanks to Poo~Pourri’s new soy candles. Prepared with the same odor neutralizing essential oils and enzymes as their bathroom sprays, these candles are just the thing to add some panache and sweet scents to any space. Composed of 100% soy wax and cotton wicks, they are safe for the environment and their users.

Founder and aromatherapy specialist Suzy Batiz launched the Poo~Pourri brand in 2007, and has since transformed the $25K start up into a $4M enterprise boasting over 60 different products being sold in five countries.

For samples or additional information, please visit www.poopourri.com or contact [email protected].

Nicki Thomas, ChicExecs PR

I’m Still in Love With You

This is me. All of me. I’m yours.



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Who Told China?

For over 20 years an organization in ohio has been researching and using an imaging and tracking radar system that can send and detect sound and other frequencies. the operators of this system can talk to someone without other people hearing and they can hear any response. it can tell each person apart and remembers them. it was being used before haarp or gwen were finished. This technology has been kept secret from the public, only a small group of people, including police and doctors knew about it. it has grown. as of 2012 nearly all police, firefighters and medical professionals in columbus, ohio are aware of it. a network of professionals, business owners and most cops in the rest of the state along with atleast part indiana are also aware. some doctors and nurses are in fear for their own safety and that of their families while the police and mental health professionals seem to have been advanced to their position because of their willingness to work with this organization. please read dttv.info. china was one of the first three visits to this site. on the first day someone in china typed dttv.info into their computer. who told china? in the first 7 days there were visits from from 10 countries. all typed in. after 39 days, 35 countries. most of them non english speaking countries. all concerned about whats happening in columbus, ohio.

china – israel – luxembourg- republic of korea – germany – russian federation – austria – romania – ukraine – georgia – japan – united arab emirates – slovenia – slovakia – ethiopia – el salvador – portugal – sweden – phillipines – new zealand – latvia – switzerland – france – netherlands – austrailia – india – hong kong – united states – equador – canada – united kingdom – panama – jamaica – malaysia


(1%?) Rich? Brats

apparently it is n’t enough to live in a high rise apartment building in downtown berkeley .. and presumably attend the university of california? .. no .. some (1%?) rich? brats have been deliberately throwing objects off of the touriel building at 2004 university ( southeast of milvia ) .. and apparently the building owners? managers? “berkeley apartments” at 1916 oxford ( northwest of berkeley way .. 510 849 2000 ) are unable or unwilling to do anything about it .. adjacent neighbor au coquelet restaurant cafe has suffered broken skylight windows cause of the bored? (1%?) rich? brats .. a business across the street “uniq images home interiors” ( 2001 university .. northeast corner at milvia ) .. almost incured a broken plate glass window when a heavy metal fire exstinguisher was thrown off the building and across the street .. a young asian couple crossing the street almost got hit by

an egg .. which splattered on the street .. how many more times will this happen? ..


Must B Religion

If cant make a buildg safe for a smkr & nonsmker 2 peacefuy coexist regardless of how hard he works or $ then it must b religion



How are you doing and how is your day going? I am Kay Dami, Am looking for a trustworthy man who believes in true love,I am single never been married before,I am looking for a mature man who can understand life with me .I am 28Years old,5.6ft tall. and 58kg.Blond hair,Blue eye and milky white skin and big natural breasts,I don’t smoke and i don’t drink alcoholic.I don’t have kids. I am a happy single lady looking for a wonderful man out there .I am looking to relocate someday .I really need someone to make me believe in the right way of life .I am into music and i do lots of coordinating job with a charity firm down here .I love doing my best .I am looking forward to meet someone with a heart of gold.I am the open-heated girl who likes to take everything that life can offer but to give in return as well! I am active and enthusiastic, I am cheerful and I treat people just I want them to treat me. I am attentive and caring, I need to love and to be loved, to bring my future!

man happiness and joy. I am the open-heated girl who likes to take everything that life can offer but to give in return as well! I am active and enthusiastic, I am cheerful and I treat people just I want them to treat me. I am attentive and caring, I need to love and to be loved, to bring my future man happiness and joy. I don’t like to sit on one place and I am dreaming of strong and friendly family.I love nature very much and I think that to live surrounded by nature is something wonderful. I enjoy music and dancing. I love to take photos of myself which I collect, let me stop right here.


I’m Tired of Waiting for Your Answer.

Hi, my prince. Yes you understand correctly, you’re the one I’m looking for the prince. Write me and I will answer you. I kiss you and wait for an answer. Your Princess.


A Better Understanding
About Twin Souls

My name Joe. I am writing this because. I would like to inform and give people a better understanding about twin souls. It is something that people think is make believe and doesn’t exsist. It is not something that is just in the movies. Around four years ago I met mine. It was a secret that I held for that amount of time. I just knew it was going to be something she couldn’t comprehend. Most people will tell you that they have an opened mind. I find that their idea of an opened mind is something like being accepting of other cultures,different backgrounds,sexual orientaions etc. I find it funny that someone can pray to their god,have faith and know his love is unconditional and exsist. Without ever seeing him. Yet those same people will not beileve you when you tell them you have found your twin soul and that the same love that they supposely feel from their god is meant to be felt hear on earth. God forbid that is to much to fathom. I don’t know I think someone is lying. My life has been completely fliped upside down because of this. If you know someone and they say that they have met their twin soul/soulmate and their world didn’t get fliped upside down please know that they are just talking out of their ass. There is a difference between clicking with someone and actually meeting that person. I have been trying to explain everything to my twin for the past five months. Keep in mind that we have only spoken a total of five times in four years and I have never dated her. Yet I know she snores,doesn’t like kids,has deep emotional issues, I can feel every last bit of her emotions. I know where she is at without asking questions. I could tell her if her asma is acting up. I have also told her about a business she was getting ready to open when it was still in the planning stages. I could even tell her that she will have three kids one girl and two boys. I have told her about new cars that she has and I have never seen her in. The messed up part about this is that I also know when she is going to pass away. November 12,2035 at 9:00pm in a car crash. It is hard to get the image of her dead in that car. I have told her that I want to grow old and gray with her but it turns out she will not have a single gray hair when she goes. Everything comes to me through dreams or thought, Thoughts that I know are not mine. Finding your twin opens up a whole new world to you. You become smarter,sharper, your view of the world changes. You also see your path and reason for being all to clear. And I must mention That when your mind is as opened as mine is it allows the spirit world to fuck with you. Believe me when I tell you these things you see in your dreams will make a grown man shit his pants and beg for a priest. You know I told my twin that the first time I seen her was when I was thirteen in walnut creek. It turns out I was wrong on that. I did see her at thirteen but it was because I had her face tattoed on my right arm at thirteen. Twenty years prior to meeting her in person. She was only eight years old when I got it. I could never give someone an answer when they asked who that was. I truly didn’t know all I would tell them is that it was free. Well now there is a name and a story for the face that I had tatooed on me for more then half my life. Keep in mind that I never lie not even if my life depended on it. I would rather live my life on this earth with the honor of telling the truth then live a lie and die a liar. These are words that I live by “stop the lies live your truth” not just the lies that we tell other people but the lies we tell ourselves just to get through our day. Would it be possible to write a story on this in the east bay express. Just a thought. I really feel that people should know about this and that it is far from a joke. Don’t I wish. I have mentioned to my twin that we will be together within the next six months and I am right on that just as I was right on everything else. I really wish we had a choice on this but that is not the case. Twin Souls get together to help humanity in some way and to be honest that is the most exciting part. Thank you and take care




We all know that men and women deal with the loss of love totally differently…but turning to a lobster for comfort and bonding? I bet that’s one you’ve never heard before. A dog, a cat – yes – but a lobster?

Introducing Dax Santi – a local San Francisco artist and writer who took his break up and created a story about bonding and friendship – with a crustacean. Think “The Little Mermaid” for adults. A love story (written by a man) without the fluff, Pinching Lobsters is a more humorous and sarcastic take on how a broken heart can lead to making poor decisions.

Mindi Sue


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