One-Night Stands

Repertory film listings for Nov. 22-28

One-Night Stands

Reviews by Kelly Vance and Michael Covino

Fri., Nov. 23

Sunnyside, A Day’s Pleasure, and Pay Day Three short films starring Charlie Chaplin from 1919 and 1922 (82 min.). (PFA, 4:00)

Charlie: The Life and Art of Charles Chaplin Documentary by film critic Richard Schickel (132 min., 2003). (PFA, 5:45)

The Canterbury Tales Very beautiful scenery, delightful costumes, fantastic lighting … this is not the way Chaucer would have shot it, but it is the way Pier Paolo Pasolini, the grim old comedian, shot it. Horrible dubbing, or so it seems (including dubbing of Chaucer’s many farts), and the way the tales slide into each other is confusing. If you’re looking for the robust, comic high spirits of Chaucer, forget it. Pasolini does better at adapting de Sade and the Dante of The Inferno. Photography by Tonino Delli Colli (109 min., 1972). M.C. (PFA, 8:15)

Sat., Nov. 24

The Circus Perhaps cinema killed the circus even more effectively than it killed theater, but it allowed Charlie Chaplin, who otherwise might have achieved but a small measure of fame as a great clown, to emerge as one of the great comic-lyric poets of the century. The Circus, more than any other feature length film of Chaplin’s, is a treatise (proceeding by indirection of course) on the state of the arts. It’s also very, very funny (71 min., 1928). M.C. (PFA, 3:00)

The Kid Little Jackie Coogan is the kid who grows out of the newborn baby Charlie Chaplin finds in an alleyway one day and (de facto) adopts and raises by his own touchingly funny methods. The two make a great team –the Kid smashes windows, the Tramp repairs them. Cops are omnipresent in this movie and even pursue Chaplin through his dreams. The social detail provides grim counterpoint to the comedy. With Edna Purviance: “Her only sin was motherhood” (68 min., 1921). M.C. (PFA, 4:45)

The Arabian Nights – The third and concluding part of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s trilogy that started with The Decameron and The Canterbury Tales. Pasolini wrote and directed this X-rated version of the great stories of the Arab civilization (130 min., 1974). (PFA, 7:15)

Dr. Doolittle The original family favorite, starring Rex Harrison and a giant pink sea snail (145 min., 1967). (EC, 5:00)

Sun., Nov. 25

The Great Communist Bank Robbery Alexandru Solomon’s documentary on the theft of 1.6 million lei from the Romanian national bank in 1959 (70 min., 2004). Preceded by 39-minute WWII short Tertium non datur. (PFA, 3:00)

Children of the Revolution: Recent Romanian Shorts Five shorts from 2004-2006 on generations in transition. Total running time 120 min. (PFA, 5:15)

Dr. Doolittle See Sat. (EC, 4:00)

Mon., Nov. 26

Bob Marley: Live at the Rainbow Hi-def video of Bob Marley & the Wailers’ classic 1977 performance at the Rainbow Theatre in London (2004). (RCE, 8:00)

Tue., Nov. 27

Film and Video at CCA: Performative, Gestural, Collaborative Work Films and videos by faculty and students of the California College of the Arts (90 min.). (PFA, 7:30)

The Song Remains the Same Concert footage from 1973 Madison Square Garden Led Zeppelin concerts, mixed with “fantasy sequences designed by the band members.” Digitally remixed and remastered (137 min., 1976). (RCE, 7:00)

Wed., Nov. 28

Shopping for Fangs Quentin Lee and Justin Lin’s budget-priced glimpse into Asian-American lifestyles in suburban LA skates along agreeably, at least until the werewolf sublot and imitation-Tarantino gunplay kick in. Jeanne Chin acts up a storm in a dual role as a near-catatonic housewife and her ballsy alter ego; Radmar Jao fares less well as a sheepish-in-wolf’s-clothing office worker with a facial hair problem. A sprightly collection of short bits that needs drastic rewriting and recutting. Directed by UCLA Film School alums Lee and Lin from a screenplay by them and Dan Alvorado. K.V. (PFA, 7:30)

Young, Jewish, and Left Just what the title says: a film about the intersection of contemporary leftist politics, particularly in regard to sexuality and race, and Jewish history and tradition (2006). (LP, 7:30)


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