music in the park san jose

.OkCupid Profiles With “Blunts” and “Marijuana” Get More Action

music in the park san jose

WIRED magazine offers some pro tips for all those in online dating hell this June. In their article “Optimum Dating“, OkCupid’s analysts found that in the “Six Things I Could Never Do Without” question on every profile, “the words most likely to get a conversation going for men are chillin’, blunts, cabernet, horsepower, faithfulness, and sensuality; and for women lingerie, marijuana, deodorant, handcuffs, mouthwash, and Red Bull.

Two more pro tips for the single ladies: OkCupid profile word length should be around 800 instead of the average 280 — but beware: while guys get the same number of responses writing at a 10th grade level as they do at a 4th grade level, for women: “If your essay is written at a college level, the number of worthwhile messages you get drops off a cliff. Sad.”


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