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For the week of June 8-14, 2011.

Several planetary crosscurrents coalesce into a strange brew of betwixt and between this week, so don’t be dismayed if you experience an uncomfortable state of suspension. We’re in a time warp, caught in the tides of three eclipses, and as the past swirls behind and beneath us, it shifts the present, causing the future to cloud with uncertainty. This lack of clarity will make some of us ill at ease. Others won’t be able to settle down — even the dog will have to scratch its bed a thousand more times than usual. Time warps are seldom smooth, and this one is particularly prickly. Anticipate encounters with resistance, yours or others’, as reactions to the psychic displacement make it difficult to be direct or to push ahead as dynamically as you would like. The best way to navigate these currents is to simply put one foot in front of the other, and to keep breathing, deeply, each breath grounding you in the here and now of the body.

Several sources contribute to the distortion. First, we are in the midst of an eclipse triple-header: The first solar eclipse of the season was last week, the lunar eclipse is next week, on June 15, and the second solar eclipse is on July 1. Eclipses alter the “normal” order, as they illuminate shadows and reveal what was previously concealed. Very few of us (except for the guests on Jerry Springer or the casts of reality TV) want our secrets laid bare, especially the secrets we keep from ourselves. So when eclipses part the veils, and private information becomes public, daily life tends to feel out of control. Because the first two eclipses of the season take place along the Gemini/Sagittarius axis, information has the power to shift perspectives almost instantly. The second solar eclipse, on July 1, occurs along the Cancer/Capricorn axis, which means issues of security, personal and professional, are the primary concern. This is one of the reasons so many people are buzzing about finances. The emphasis of this eclipse also stirs the longing to belong, and could make many of us needy for attention. Avoid judging others and try not to feel self-conscious about your hunger for connection. Make contact where you can, and remember: Love doesn’t have to be romantic to be satisfying.

Saturn also contributes to the time warp as it slows to a glacial pace in preparation for its Direct motion on June 12. Willie Nelson offered the best description of Saturn’s presence this week when he sang, Still is still movin’ to me. Don’t despair if there are moments where you feel frozen in place, especially when it comes to relationships. Saturn is in Libra, after all, and that means relating is its main interest. As it gathers forward-momentum, what has seemed hopelessly stuck will begin to melt into motion.

Jupiter entered Taurus on June 4, concentrating its expansive presence on practical matters. Taurus is an Earth Sign grounded in material matters — and not just financial concerns. Taurus is the Sign of resources, and part of its richness is the realization that beyond the tangible manifestations of abundance lies the intangible resource of human creativity. Jupiter will be in Taurus for the next year, making it possible to use this journey to concretize creative vision.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES Jupiter’s move into your solar house of resources starts an entirely new financial cycle. Be clear about your relationship to money, and then do your best to apply that clarity to your behavior.

TAURUS Jupiter signals the potential for a new persona as it moves through your Sign, offering opportunities to reinvent yourself. Seize this expansive moment to be all you are capable of.

GEMINI Jupiter is in your solar house of the unconscious, where it is likely to open up new doors of perception. Listen to your dreams, waking or sleeping, and see if you notice an expanded awareness.

CANCER Jupiter stirs a desire for greater participation in your community. Contemplate how you could be more active and, more importantly, how that increased activity could expand your joy.

LEO Jupiter shines its expansive light on your career, illuminating a variety of possibilities within your profession. Consider what you want to achieve, and allow Jupiter to move you into that expansion.

VIRGO Jupiter expands your worldview and has you traveling, externally and internally. So have your passport ready, but also be prepared to expand your mind.

LIBRA Jupiter focuses on transformation, expanding your awareness of the process of change and increasing your capacity to grow. While concentrated effort is required, you’ll be pleased with the results.

SCORPIO Jupiter signals a new relationship cycle, and turns your attention to romance. Even if you aren’t interested in an affair of the heart with a significant other, learn how to open your heart to yourself.

SAGITTARIUS Jupiter, your ruling planet, enters your solar house of work and service, and you begin an expansive cycle that could prove highly beneficial. Open up to the possibilities and you won’t be disappointed.

CAPRICORN Jupiter turns your attention toward self-expression, and encourages you to come from the heart. Accept this invitation to express yourself and the benefits will be many.

AQUARIUS Jupiter stirs the bottom of your psychic pond, awakening a deep need for family. Acknowledge this desire and Jupiter will enhance your ability to make heartfelt connections.

PISCES Jupiter is in your solar house of communication, and that means you’re talking — a lot. That’s good; hold forth, but just remember to listen to the opinions of others with equal enthusiasm.


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