Noise Pop Live Review (and Slideshow!): Sleigh Bells, Last Night at the Regency Ballroom

Alexis Krauss is the cutest person alive. Can we all agree on this, just take the other seven billion people on earth out of the running right now? I mean, LOOK AT HER. The best. Definitely no less than usual last night at the Regency for her and guitarist/partner-in-crime Derek Edward Miller’s sold-out show, at which Krauss shimmied, strutted, skipped, and jumped, head bobbing, booty shaking, and face posituvely beaming, like a hyperactive eight-year old, a giddy teenager — or maybe just a 25-year-old from Brooklyn, punch-drunk on her first real stretch of totally-deserved fame. A friend who’d seen Sleigh Bells at Coachella warned me that that show was seriously marred by an overactive soundsystem that all but drowned out Krauss’ vocals, but not this time: Rocking her apparently-signature cutoffs-and-white-sneakers combo, Krauss rocketed more than capably through an earsplitting-in-a-good-way, short-but-sweet set that contained pretty much the entirety of 2010’s Treats, as well as much of Reign of Terror, released a couple weeks ago. They ended on the explosive “Infinity Guitars,” all ragged guitars and singsong vocals; afterwards, as the lights went up and audience filed out, sweaty and satisfied, it seemed like all anyone was talking about was how much they loved Alexis Krauss.


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