.Netroots Tent City

A huge “netroots” and alt-media tent here in downtown Denver is one of the liveliest venues at the Democratic National Convention. The place is packed, despite its eerie underwaterish semidarkness and the continuing 90-degree heat. One of the tent’s main sponsors, along with Google and Digg, is the Berkeley-based progressive blog DailyKos.com. Banners all over the walls announce this fact, along with “NET ROOTS NATION” and “BUILDING THE PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT STATE BY STATE.” Bloggers are busily typing away, thronged by companies hawking products that they think bloggers would want. Also circulating is a team of Midwestern teens who say they are making a documentary “about bloggers.” They are interviewing folks at random, asking questions. The main question is: “Um, do you think blogging will increase?” … Hmm, what answer do you suppose bloggers might give? Think hard.


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