.Muffled Corners

Berkeley City Ballet.

Emmeline Gonzalez-Beban is a resident artist at SAFEhouse Arts, a charming nonprofit venue that sits atop the Burger King neighboring the Civic Center BART stop in San Francisco. In 2015, she founded Slick Babble Dance Project, a project that uses dance as a medium to respond to systems that seek to rationalize and organize chaotic everyday experience. On July 30 and 31, Slick Babble will come to the East Bay to present Muffled Corners, a series of short contemporary dance pieces, at Berkeley City Ballet (1800 Dwight Way). The show will present pieces choreographed by the project’s founder, along with pieces choreographed by Kim Ip and Amelia Eisen. Although broad in thematic scope, the performance is likely to encourage conversation surrounding unconventional body movement as a site for playful exploration and self-care.


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