Move Your Car, Or Face the Sticky Consequences

Attention Oakland parkers: It seems, by admittedly entirely anecdotal evidence, that the Oakland PD may be cracking down on vehicles left sitting around for long periods of time. The city code provides that you can’t leave your car in one place, or even within a mile of the same place, for more than 72 hours straight. But c’mon. This is Oakland.

So, on our way to work this morning, we noticed no fewer than two vehicles with a letter-sized yellow notice stuck to the windshield. On the first one, a haggard-seeming woman was trying, with limited success, to scrape the remnants of the highly sticky “courtesy warning” from her windshield. The second, which you can see here, was on a car on MacArthur Blvd. with at least four parking tickets stuck in the wiper dating back to January 31.

So, what’s the deal? Is this just a strange coincidence? Or is the city cracking down on deadbeat drivers? And in either case, why the frankly discourteous use of super-adhesives on windshields for the “courtesy notice?”

Now, we can’t call it this a trend, since official journalism guidelines dictate that those must come at least in threes. But it is interesting, in a marginal sort of way. And we’ll let you know when the OPD returns our calls. Which is to say, don’t hold your breath.

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