.Most Luxurious Garden in Which to Sip Coffee

Cafenated Coffee Company

Why is sipping a cup of hot coffee on a beachfront patio so much more enjoyable than downing your morning cup of java from a to-go cup during your morning commute? For some of us, coffee is coffee, but ambience is everything. That why, when considering the ideal spot to unwind with a steaming cup of java, you’ll want a patio that’s stimulating and relaxing all at once. Here in the East Bay, you can do no better than the covered patio at Cafenated Coffee Company in North Berkeley. It’s an actual greenhouse style garden with plants, flowers, succulents, and herbs, providing everyone with the most pleasant sights, smells, and overall vibes. And it’s always changing, as gardens tend to do. Much of it is edible too. The cafe uses herbs and veggies from this very garden.


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