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The Shotgun Players

Sometimes they hit (spectacularly) and sometimes they miss (equally spectacularly), but the Shotgun Players always challenge themselves and their audiences, whether they’re handing their black box over to first-timers or trying out musicals, and they never flinch. No other local company can alternate puppet extravaganzas and flesh-rending women driven insane by Bacchus with as much conviction, and the actors never seem to be “calling in” their performances, as is the case in certain wealthier companies. It will be interesting to see what having a home of their own will do to the Shotgunners (the deal with Patrick Kennedy has gone through, and the company’s next season will be celebrated in the Gaia Building); we wonder how much of their manic energy has stemmed, in the past, from the uncertainty of not knowing whether the next show is going to be inside a nice warm theater or out in a freezing chicken coop. What will the regular members do, once they get used to having a room of the same size and shape to work in every time they show up? What, for that matter, will audiences do now that they no longer have to dig out a map every time they head out for a show?


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