.More than 10,000 activists threaten to protest Donald Trump’s Bay Area appearance on Friday

GOP frontrunner/blowhard supreme Donald Trump swept last night’s almost-super Tuesday primary vote. This result was somewhat unexpected. But perhaps more surprising was his post-vote victory news conference. As Los Angeles Times Capitol bureau chief John Myers put it, his speech was “unprecedented moment in an unprecedented election year.”

Trump declared himself the presumptive nominee. He scoffed at Sen. Ted Cruz, saying the race was done, over. He may have even dropped the term donezo (I had to tune out for a moment). Then, he blasted Hillary Clinton as “crooked” and unfit to be president. He went so far as to flip his switch to full-on misogyny mode, arguing that Clinton didn’t have the “strength” or “stamina” to deal with foreign-policy matters, such as China. That she doesn’t have the “energy” to be president. Yikes.

Anyway, his big win and subsequent bombast no doubt only fueled the outrage among activists planning to protest his Bay Area appearance this Friday. That’s right: Trump will delivery the keynote lunch address at the California GOP’s annual meeting in Burlingame at noon on April 27.

But there likely will be more haters than fans in Burlingame. More than 10,000 are either interested in or going to the big Trump protest.

East Bay Express will be on the ground, too. Look for more in next week’s issue.

Illustration by Gage Skidmore


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