More Damning Evidence on OPD Internal Affairs Head

Seriously, the Chauncey Bailey Project is jumpin’ these days. Check out their latest story, which sheds new light on the case of Ed Poulson, the Oakland cop who allegedly kicked a man to death in 2000, pressured other cops to lie about the incident, and was later put in charge of the OPD Internal Affairs Unit. The CB Project got ahold of a 2005 confidential document City Attorney John Russo sent to the City Council, in which he states that Poulson was allowed to direct the focus of the investigation, even though he was the guy being investigated. In addition, an outside consultant examined the investigation and concluded that there was no evidence that the dead man resisted arrest in the initial reports, and that the cops on the scene got together and apparently got their stories straight before talking. Pity poor Oakland, caught between an alarming rate of violent crime and a police department as brutal and corrupt as this. Will this city ever escape its sad, violent, venal legacy?


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