“Mommy Makeovers” — GAG! — On the Rise

We’re not sure what’s more frightening — the notion that plastic surgeons are bandying about the sick term “mommy makeover” to describe a postpartum tummy tuck/liposuction combo, or the fact that an SF Chronicle article about the rising popularity of such surgeries makes no mention of plastic plans for papa. Nor does the story take a critical look at the topic at all, choosing instead to further propagate the idea that a little nip tuck is the norm — for women.
Reporter Ilene Lelchuk might have considered looking into this: By the time a woman has finished having children and decides, as the East Bay’s Hope Kimple has, to have surgery, how many of their partners look as svelte as they did pre-kids? But have beer belly tucks become common? Are men worrying about the “loose skin that plumps up over the waist” of their jeans, as Kimple is? Nope — they just tuck it in and get on with their lives. Meanwhile, mothers like Kimple — who is all of 28 — opt to slice it off. Gary Friedman, a San Francisco plastic surgeon quoted in the article, explains the trend this way: “I think women when they are pregnant are not feeling very sexy, they don’t think their husbands find them sexy, and they are anxious to return to a more attractive image.” Perhaps these women should ask their husbands point-blank what they really think, rather than presuming anything. Even better, women should ask themselves, “Do I still find my husband sexy? Even though he’s gained some weight/shed every last hair on his head/refuses to shave that half-assed scratchy beard/still wears his pleat-front pants from 1995?” Yes? Golly, imagine that! Finding someone attractive who doesn’t look like he stepped out of the pages of GQ! For most women, that’s part of being in a healthy relationship — one that’s not built on a foundation of plastic.

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