.Mickey Avalon: Hot Rapper or Walking STD?

Girls are going absolutely nutty over Mickey Avalon, a rapper from Hollywood with connections to model-cum-MTV VJ-cum-adult film “actor”-cum-rapper Simon Rex. In a disturbing promotional video on Avalon’s MySpace site, one girl declares, “He’s the shit, all right? He’s like feces in my intestines.” Girls in g-strings parade around onstage while others in the audience claw at his atrophied body, desperately trying to tongue him. Sure, Avalon’s flow on “Jane Fonda” is as catchy as a post-bong-hit workout, but “My Dick” is just ridiculous. In this video, Avalon raps his “Fonda” lyrics over a Maroon 5 song on Live 105 very carefully. We think Avalon might have the same issues as Lady Sovereign. Video after the jump.


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