Marijuana Holiday Gifts for that Special Stoner

From coffee mugs with pipes to ashtrays (pot-smokers always need more ashtrays).

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but this weed is so delightful

Happy Holidays everyone! A time of gift-giving and good cheer! With cannabis being all legal and everything (at least for those of us over the age of 21), it is easier than ever to find just the perfect gift for the discerning cannabis user in your life. Here are some good ideas:

If you are looking to for an early present, take you stoner friend to the Emerald Cup in Santa Rosa on December 10 and 11 ( There will be all kinds of cannabis vendors and artisans from all over California — and Damien Marley.

Or give the gift of … cannabis. Boom. Just that easy. Proposition 64 allows anyone over the age of 21 to bestow anyone else over the age of 21 up to an ounce of weed. Yee!

I don’t think many dispensaries are offering gift cards just yet, but you can make a quick visit to your local shop and get all kinds of good cannabis and cannabis-infused stocking stuffers.

You could even make a gift basket: a few grams, some edibles, a tincture, perhaps some cannabis infused lotions and salves. A happy Kwanzaa.

Also, Natural Cannabis (full disclosure: I have a line of cannabis products under their “High Life” brand) offers a “Best of Harvest Box,” which contains 28 grams (just under an ounce, yee!) of the finest sun-grown cannabis from all over California. You could have a tasting party. And: companies like offer a “weed of the month” club subscription service.

It’s like Harry & David — but with weed!

Gear. When it comes to buying pipes, I like Everything they make is hand-blown by American workers paid a living wage, and all of their products are top notch. They are awesome. The Vortex pipe is especially nice if you like a smooth tasty smoke.

If you are buying a gift for someone that likes to wake and bake — I’m not judging, weed and coffee have been a dynamite combination since just about forever — the good people at Zang Products would love to sell you a PipeMug, which is exactly what it sounds like. Yes! It’s a combo coffee mug and pot pipe. Perfect for camping and music festivals. Check it out at

If you have a bunch of money, you could buy that special stoner a big fancy art glass smoking device handmade by artisan crafters. These pieces can be expensive, but you get to support art and creativity — and get stoned at the same time. Look around for a fancy pants head shop (I hear that Smokey’s in Hayward has a good selection) and whip out your credit card. Nothing like a big giant art glass smoking device on the (weed and) coffee table to get the party off to a smooth beginning.

Since pot is so mainstream and hella upscale now, people are gonna need a fancy place to store their weed. Plastic bags are so 20th Century. Airtight glass jars and humidors will help your stony friend keep their stash smokably delicious.,, and California based all sell high quality pot humidor type things. Look for their products at East Bay shops.

Or, give the gift of travel. I recommend Oregon, because they have the second best weed in the United States. And there’s no sales tax on anything other than pot (and their pot is inexpensive). You can find a good list of Oregon cannabis tour providers at

If you aren’t really trying to go all out, you can rely on the usual little things: pot-themed socks, shirts, yoga pants, rolling trays. Doob tubes, books about pot, a collection of rolling papers, an ashtray (stoners always need an extra ashtray), a nice roach clip for the old-school doobie lover (Etsy types are making all kinds of roach clip bracelets and hair clips and stuff), a “trimmer’s table” for the hobbyist grower; people always forget about the “trimming the weed” part when they first get into growing. It can be a small pain in the toosh if you aren’t used to it. makes really nice ones. A jar of homemade cannabutter — use your Crock Pot, it’s easy to do — or some nice cannabis infused goodies, and you will keep the stoners in your life smiling and giggling all year-round.

California’s legalization of cannabis will create jobs not just for growers and sellers, but also for artisans and purveyors of fine cannabis accessories. Please practice cooperative economics and support the businesses that support causes you believe in. Happy Chrishannakwanzukah!


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