Make Love Instead of War

For the week of August 5-11, 2009.

A stern astral wind blows through the days and nights of daily life
this week, and as it collides with the August 5 Lunar Eclipse,
pragmatism buffets idealism, turning moods sour and dour. It’s not a
pretty planetary picture. And as I mentioned last week, the next
several weeks are equally bleak. Of course, not every life is going to
play out like a grim chapter in a Dickens novel. Some of us will
prosper and flourish. But for many struggling with the fatigue of
holding life together, the question of how to handle this next negative
convergence is right at the top of the survival list. The best strategy
is to fly under the radar by refusing to engage in harmful activity of
any kind. Intention is the prime mover that turns thoughts, words, and
deeds into instant karma, so pay attention to your motivation. Is it
really necessary to smugly or snidely comment on another’s choices or
to rattle on about how you would do “it” better? Or to
participate in any of the other ways that bolster an “inferior”
position by attempting to feel superior to someone else? The world is
in the midst of a material and spiritual catharsis, an extreme
condition that makes it all the more important to keep not just our
wits, but also our hearts, about us.

This Lunar Eclipse is the last of the season. (Whew … I think I’ve
had enough, thank you.) During a Lunar Eclipse conscious concerns
overshadow unconscious ones and the here-and-now supplants the
Dreamtime. Of course we know the Dreamtime, because it is the basis of
all other time, can’t really be overtaken, but there are phases when
that primary reality does seem to be heavily veiled. And this is one of
those times, especially because so many minds are focused on material
survival. Yet no matter how pressing the concerns of the 3-D, when
those concerns obscure spiritual perspective, finding any solid,
reliable reality to stand on is a Herculean task. That has been and
continues to be the challenge of this year’s eclipse season: Facing
material survival through the lens of spiritual awareness.

Herculean, for sure, but not necessarily an impossible labor if it
weren’t for a difficult pattern of Martian resistance. Mars, archetype
of the Warrior, is extremely active all month long. First, and all
August, a Sun/Mars sextile generates a vigorous, vital atmosphere. But
lively is not the problem. What’s problematic is Mars’ other
interaction. This week, it is in a square to Saturn, a fractious
relationship that could devolve into harsh and bitter disputes intended
to cause harm. This would not be a good time to become embroiled in
acrimonious divorce or custody proceedings. This would be a good time
to make love instead of war.

Humans do not live by bread alone, and love has always been a
powerful antidote to hate. So as this week and the coming weeks unfold,
let your actions become a remedy for what ails.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon sign, read that,

ARIES Words continue to be the core of any possible conflict,
so once again practice peaceful and mindful communication with others.
While it won’t be easy to keep your cool, it will be necessary.

TAURUS Flexibility is the key to handling any potential
conflict over how to prioritize issues of safety and security. Make
every effort to honor your needs, but be aware everyone else is
wrestling with the same theme.

GEMINI Stay focused on your day-to-day activities, and try
not to let disagreements and disappointments morph into a crisis of
faith. Do whatever is necessary to maintain a positive attitude and
you’ll fare well.

CANCER No one is exempt from dealing with the current
financial situation, but that doesn’t mean you have to capitulate to
anxiety. Find healthy ways to manage your stress and you’ll develop a
strong protection strategy.

LEO This eclipse in your Sign highlights relationship issues,
but keep in mind as you move through the shadows, your first
relationship is with yourself. Bring that relationship into balance,
and the others will clarify.

VIRGO The eclipse creates rare access into your unconscious,
so pay attention to your dreams, waking and sleeping. Not every story
will reach classical mythological status, but some will reveal valuable

LIBRA Be prepared for the needs of friends and associates to
override your own — and don’t worry about it. An open heart is a
necessary component to a healthy heart, so give willingly and the
process will also nurture you.

SCORPIO Focus on career concerns and you’ll align with the
natural flow of energy. This is not about neglecting home or family
responsibilities; I’m simply suggesting that the path of least
resistance will conserve your energy.

SAGITTARIUS Instead of indulging that famous tendency to say
more than is necessary, try to keep your opinions to yourself. While
what you have to say is probably accurate, it could inflame the

CAPRICORN Use this time to sort through recent lessons and
then to digest and integrate the information. This may sound like a
boring process, but as it unfolds you will uncover valuable

AQUARIUS This eclipse is all about acknowledging the needs of
others, especially significant others at work or at home. Pay close
attention to what’s said and then make a commitment to honor those

PISCES The best way to handle the potential for conflict and
confrontation is to stay focused on individual tasks. It may sound
simple, but putting one foot in front of the other will keep you on

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