Maintaining Your Equilibrium Is Essential

For the week of September 2-8, 2009.

Saturn/Uranus Opposition, Part 2:

The ongoing Saturn/Uranus opposition continues to polarize and
divide what is already split and separate, and the gravitational pull
along this axis of disconnection continues to exacerbate reactive
states. Be prepared for even more surprising and deep gulfs of
perception as the same set of facts are read from not just different
sides of the political universe, but also from different sides of the
consciousness galaxy. As always, when polarization is the theme,
synthesis becomes a necessary and vital tool for finding and holding
onto a middle path. Just don’t confuse a strong center with passivity.
Finding a balance and keeping it, doesn’t mean striking a midpoint.
There is no halfway between war and peace. The middle way that’s needed
to maintain a strong center requires the stamina, confidence, and the
willingness to live daily life with a resilient determination to find
creative solutions that aren’t about capitulation or insincere
compromise, but rather creative solutions grounded in the power of

Uranus is the good news in the creativity equation. Uranus
symbolizes the ingenious, inventive creativity that won’t settle for
stuck, stagnant systems. This is Oraunus, the Sky God of ancient
Greece, whose vast terrain symbolizes the infinite potential of the
unknown. But there is a slight problem with Uranus because it is also
explosive and utterly unpredictable, which in human parlance translates
into uncontrollable. Uranus tosses thunderbolts capable of lighting up
the night sky with a sudden and terrifying fury. The task of
consciousness is to figure out how to allow these Uranian illuminations
to inspire new ideas about facilitating transformation without causing
additional harm.

Saturn’s job is to delineate reality — it’s “the buck stops
here” planet — and one of its roles is defining responsibility.
And while many of us think of Saturn as the Lord of Karma, it is
actually the principle that supports structure, and we need its systems
to organize daily life. The problem is we can get caught and
comfortable in a Saturnian structure even if it no longer serves. And
when that happens, Saturn’s presence can ossify into stubborn, haughty

For the next several weeks, as Saturn, the principle of change,
opposes Uranus, the principle of stability, finding and maintaining
your equilibrium, inside and out, is essential.

Fortunately, we’re also under the influence of Mercury Retrograde
from September 7 through September 29. And I say “fortunately” because
retrogrades slow the pace of daily life, affording opportunities to
review, reflect, and reconsider. I know Mercury Retrograde is generally
dreaded, but in a psychic climate where so much is happening so
quickly, a lessening of the pace might be helpful. What’s more, Mercury
represents the facile component of the intellect that can move between
heaven and hell in the blink of the mind’s eye. And that ability to
move between polarities with skill is definitely a welcome addition
that will enhance the potential for creative, imaginative

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon sign, read that,

Aries Rather than squander your passion, respect it. Find a
consistent stride that allows you to handle the many demands made on
your time and energy, but also include enough rest to replenish your

Taurus Make flexibility your constant companion, and you’ll
navigate difficult situations with skill. You don’t have to abandon
your opinion, but you must respect and acknowledge the opinions of

Gemini It looks and feels like a crisis between personal and
professional obligations because it is. Be willing to let go of
what you can’t handle in either arena, and you’ll find the stamina to
take care of the rest.

Cancer There is no denying your strong, leadership position.
Make the most of it by inspiring others to have faith in the
possibility of creating a peaceful and prosperous environment for

Leo It looks, smells, and acts like money, and in some cases
it is, but the tension isn’t only financial. You are in a process of
learning that ultimate worth cannot be measured by material

Virgo You’re in a relationship intensive, and you don’t have
to be partnered to feel the intensity. So rather than pretend or hold
back what you’re feeling, express yourself and trust in the power of

Libra It isn’t possible to control the power of the
unconscious, which is one of the reasons dreams and visions are so
powerful and often life changing. Pay attention. The power to deliver
important messages of the soul is at an all-time high.

Scorpio Figure out how to share your gifts without
expectation or disappointment. Yes, this sounds like a koan because it
is, and like a true Zen puzzle, contemplating the riddle will free you
from the shackles of your mind.

Sagittarius Share your opinions with your usual flare —
no modulating your passion. Just be aware, the secret of your success
lies in your ability to listen with equal enthusiasm to what others
have to say.

Capricorn Daily life is all about having faith in yourself
and allowing that faith to inspire the courage of your convictions. I’m
not suggesting blind authority. I’m simply advising you to integrate
principles into action.

Aquarius First rule of magic: The universe rearranges itself
to accommodate your picture of reality. So open with gratitude to all
that is, and you’ll stimulate a wide field of abundance and

Pisces You’re trying to reconcile the strong demands of
partners with an equally strong internal demand for personal freedom.
Rather than polarize, synthesize. Sounds simple, but the process
requires letting go of comfortable behavior that no longer serves.


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