.Lovelle Mixon Was a Serial Rapist

Cop killer Lovelle Mixon, lionized by fringe elements of the radical left, was a serial rapist, according to Oakland police. Both the Chron and the Trib report that police say Mixon raped two young women just hours before he shot and killed four Oakland cops. Authorities linked Mixon’s DNA to the two rapes. Police said previously that Mixon’s DNA also was linked to the rape of a 12-year-old girl in February. The new rape allegations provide another motive for why Mixon suddenly opened fire on two Oakland cops on the afternoon of March 21 during a routine traffic stop. At the time, Mixon also was wanted on a parole violation that would have sent him back to prison. Mixon later fatally shot two other officers when the Oakland SWAT team stormed the apartment building where he was hiding in what apparently was an ill-advised move. It will be interesting to see whether the new rape allegations also put an end to the radical left’s inane portrayal of Mixon has some kind of underground hero. Or will they just claim that police are lying about the rape cases?


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