.Los Angeles Votes to Cut its Number of Dispensaries by About Two Thirds

Los Angeles voters chose to drastically reduce the number of storefronts selling medical marijuana yesterday, passing Measure D by a wide margin, 62 to 37 percent.

Watchers expected about 20 percent of L.A.’s 2.4 million registered voters to participate in the city’s May 21 general election, which included three voter initiatives to regulate medical marijuana stores. The vast, diverse metropolis has tried and failed to regulate such storefronts since at least 2007, and about 472 are thought to be open in city limits, according to one independent study by researchers at UCLA.

Measures D, E, and F all contained various forms of medical marijuana club regulations. Chief among them, Measure D caps the number of clubs at about 135, while Measure F contained no such cap. All were feared doomed, but Measure D took 62 percent ‘yes’, to 37 percent ‘no’ with 380,108 voters participating.


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