.Listen to Oakland Rapper Siri’s Debut EP, ‘G.L.O.E.’

In our June 22 issue, we got to know Siri, the up-and-coming Oakland rapper making waves in the local underground scene with her melodic, soulful flow. And just before the long weekend, the artist dropped her debut EP, G.L.O.E., which, as it turns out, stands for Give Love Over Everything. 

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Oakland Rapper Siri on How to ‘Gloe’ Up

[jump] Siri said that her solitary outings in nature were key to her creative process. “When you connect to nature, you find out about yourself, and it illuminates what you’re doing. When you put that energy into things, you essentially get farther in life, so you ‘glow up.'”

The new project reflects her introspective approach with down-tempo, psychedelic production that puts her poetic, multi-faceted lyrics front-and-center. Take a listen below. 



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