Letters for the Week of March 2

Readers sound off on Alameda politics, naming Jane Doe, and Whole Foods.

“An Alameda Power Play?” Feature, 2/16

Gallant Was Doing Her Job

Thanks for an excellent, succinct summary of this chapter in Alameda’s political history! So SunCal thinks the concept of the people of Alameda directing Alameda Point development was Gallant’s idea? As a planning board member when the Naval Air Station was decommissioned in 1997, I can say that concept was in place long before Gallant ever became interim city manager. Gallant was just doing her job, listening to Alamedans who really care about how post-NAS development will affect the quality of life on the entire island, not just harvesting property tax revenues and lining the pockets of a private developer. I hope our city doesn’t settle this one, because that would set another precedent for developers churning our city land, tying it up in lawsuits, then walking away with settlement profits, making us all wish we were living somewhere else.It will also be interesting to see if Gilmore, Bonta, and Tam ever vote independently of each other on any items of substance.

Carol Gottstein, Alameda

“The Payoff,” News, 2/9

Name Jane Doe

As I have commented before, it is an offense against journalistic ethics for the Express (and every other newspaper), in sheepish and defensive political correctness, to permit this woman to make this accusation anonymously while dragging the accused’s name all over hell. Even at this late date, when the accusations have been found to be false in an arbitration which this woman did not bother to even attend, the policy has not changed.  Does this policy help women? If so, how?

Sherman Kassof, Oakland

“A New Place to Gamble?” Feature, 2/2

What’s an Alternative?

The day that each state recognizes that this is a fantastic way to help generate dollars towards lowering their deficits is the day the conservative sector accepts this industry. Our economy is in sad shape.For those of you against it — what are you proposing to help to get the US economy back on its feet?

Robert Brantzeg, Dallas, TX

“Whole Foods or Major Headache?” News, 2/9

Friendly Competition

I work a block from this site. I think this would have little to no impact on the other fine grocers in this neighborhood — Walgreens, Max’s Liquors, Pic-n-Pak, AM/PM, or even Target. The only trouble is that this might put one of the two donut shops, two fast-food establishments, or three pizza places out of business. While I dislike fresh, healthy food as much as the next guy, I have to admit that something within walking distance to the many offices and businesses nearby might be a boon for the neighborhood … and for the families living nearby.Snarky comments aside, I do think that Albany would do well to allow Safeway to modernize the Solano location if they do move ahead with Whole Foods. I think some friendly competition would stimulate jobs and encourage great prices.

Andrew Susskind, El Cerrito

“Shane’s Campaign,” News, 2/2

Shane’s Courage

I recently received a copy of the article that was written by John Geluardi about Shane Gray, the activist for Leonard Peltier. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the insightful way that you wrote the story. Shane is my nephew and his pure heart is the motive for all he does. It was apparent by your words that you could see and understand his quest. His courage and zeal is a fine example that we all could benefit from. Thank you again — love your style!

Tori Leonti, Salt Lake City, UT


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In our February 23 theater review, we misspelled the name of set designer Anne Kendall.

Also in our February 23 Insider’s Guide, we erroneously called Acme Bar a dive bar.


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