Letters for the Week of August 3

Readers sound off on Cal students, the bulimic brain, and our Best of the East Bay picks.

“Best Cannabis Physician,” Best of the East Bay, 7/20

High Praise

Dr. Lucido is the most compassionate doc that I’ve ever been to. There are a lot of $49 and $59 cannabis doctors, but none of them come even close to the expertise of Dr. Frank Lucido. He is interested in your health and well being. He is so informational about the pros and cons of cannabis. Thanks, Dr. Lucido.

Shante Brown, Oakland

“Best DJ,” Best of the East Bay, 7/20

A Deserving Winner

I have been playing with Rahiem for ten years now and have always been impressed with his style and skill level! I hope I have an opportunity to continue playing music with him for the next ten years!

Martin Privat, Oakland

“Best Environmentalist,” Best of the East Bay, 7/20

Truly the Best

While I’m sure you considered many conservationists for special recognition, your conclusion is sound. Jeff Miller is clear in his conviction for defending the natural landscape and wildlife. Jeff demands that government holds itself to the same laws it expects the citizens to adhere to. Jeff has proven to be an asset for achieving good government in Alameda County and the state.

Rich Cimino, Pleasanton

“Most Dedicated Campaign Volunteer,” Best of the East Bay, 7/20

A Winner Responds … Humbly

I am flattered by your acknowledgement of my involvement with the 2010 Quan for Mayor campaign. However, your flowering recognition should properly be directed to Dr. Floyd Huen, spouse of the mayor. In addition to planning, directing, and implementing a brilliant field campaign, Dr. Huen walked almost every day for almost a full year in every area of the city. I did what I could to help, but did not come even close.

James Vann, Oakland

“Cal Students Want Berkeley Council Seat,” News, 7/20


Let me preface this comment by saying I am a UC Berkeley graduate.

College students should not ever have political say in the city they go to school in, unless they grew up there. You are a “guest” in the city. Get over yourself.

Entitled little sissies ….

David Dargahi, Berkeley

“The Bulimic Brain,” Feature, 7/6

Recovery Is Possible

Thanks for an interesting article! It’s great to see such a sympathetic treatment of the issue. As a former anorexic, I’m always shocked to be reminded that eating disorders have the highest death rate of any psychological illness. I do think that recovery is possible, though the alcoholic analogy is probably quite apt as well. There are so many variations on these conditions — some sufferers may recover fairly quickly while others will struggle for longer.

Fredia Klotz, New York


Our July 27 music story, “Cut the Music, Bring the Noise,” contained a quote that misstated the Solano Avenue Association’s position on the proposed Goodwill store on Solano. The association remained neutral on the issue.

Another July 27 music story, “The Emerging Ash Reiter,” misspelled drummer Will Halsey’s name.

Our July 13 news story, “Smile, You’re on BarSpace,” stated that Somar has “no easily visible signage” indicating patrons are on camera. The bar does in fact have a sign.


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