Letters for March 26-April 1

Readers sound off on our art coverage, our dining coverage, and how to solve the Oakland school crime problem.

“Brothers and Sisters, Let’s Get It Together,” Museums & Galleries, 2/20

Feedback Is Nice

I was one of the curators of the Emory Douglas exhibition. I wanted to thank you for the write-up! It’s been great to get such positive feedback on the show and it makes me feel that what I am doing way out here in Richmond is actually having a bit of an impact. So, much appreciated.

Julia Hamilton, Richmond

“Ten Moments from the 20th Century: Paintings by John McNamara,” Museums & Galleries Picks, 2/20

Thanks for Giving Me New Insights Into My Own Work

I want to thank you for your thoughts regarding my work. I have to say that I hadn’t quite considered the point you made relational to the paintings’ reliefs blocking psychic entry to the work. Putting it in those terms makes me look at them differently. Again, thank you.

John McNamara, Berkeley

“Classic Thai Goes Tapas Chic,” Food & Drink, 2/20

Fine Day for a Reward

On behalf of the staff at Anchalee Thai Cuisine. I would like to thank you for the review featuring our restaurant in the current issue of the East Bay Express that brings the wonderful joy and motivation to produce more of the good work and more of the great food here in our new hometown. It has been a long dance and far from the beginning since we start working hard and building one dream here on Dwight Way. Today is such a fine day to earn reward from a new local friend. Thank you for the very warm welcome and we will continue to serve our best up to you.

Tou Meechukant, Manager, Anchalee Thai, Berkeley

“The Crime Wave Comes to Campus,” Feature, 2/27

A Modest Proposal

Your story about the difficulty of coping with crime in the schools motivated me to come up with a few practical solutions. One fairly effective method of deterring theft I had heard was used by members of the Turkish Army who were stationed in Korea during the war in the early 1950s. The first four Korean thieves that were caught by the Turks were beheaded with one head mounted on a pole at each corner of the Turkish supply compound. They had no further problems. A second possibility would be a return to the colonial days — set up stocks on the campus playground in which any captured burglar would be forced to spend a week. Yet another approach would be that of the current reality shows on TV — invite the thieves to participate in a contest, organize them into separate teams, construct an obstacle course in which they would need to get past various security devices to reach the computers and iPods. Videotape the competition and sell it to the networks. The revenue should more than compensate for the half million per year lost by the school district.

Rich Clark, Berkeley

“The Invisible Activist,” Letters, 3/12

You Know You’re Doing Good …

Upon reading my neighbor’s letter to the editor, I called a dear friend for his opinion. My friend, as equally devout a lawyer as he is a Christian, chuckled and said, “Congratulations. You know you’re doing good when they start lying about you.”

Patrick McCullough


In our March 12 letters section, we ran a letter than contained several misstatements regarding Patrick McCullough, who was involved in a widely publicized North Oakland shooting incident in 2005. According to the official police account of that incident, McCullough shot Melvin McHenry in the arm, and not the back as alleged in our letter. McCullough also was apparently armed at the time of the incident, and did not go back into his house to arm himself, as alleged by our letter. McCullough told police that he shot the youth in self-defense. The District Attorney’s office ultimately declined to charge him in the shooting.

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