Trump’s Drug Tout Threatens Patients, News, Apr. 8

Come Doctors
Are Genuinely Interested

This sounds like a total hit piece, especially given the headline. The President is in no position to dictate to health providers what medications to use in treatment. There is conflicting evidence, but many doctors are interested in hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 treatment. Yes, there are side-effects, as in any medication. Any responsible physician would familiarize themselves with potential side-effects before prescribing.

Did the reporter do any research at all? They should have probably picked a different poster child to attempt to make their dubious point. According to the Mayo Clinic: Sjogren’s syndrome is a disorder of your immune system identified by its two most common symptoms — dry eyes and a dry mouth. The catastrophe of the “full force of Sjogren’s syndrome” seems a bit less than the symptoms of COVID-19.

Jim Mellander

The Ultimate East Bay Takeout Guide, Feature, Apr. 8

Don’t Forget About These Restaurants

Thank you! Don’t forget the delicious, family owned and operated Burmese restaurant, Royal Rangoon on Telegraph Ave in Berkeley, CA. RoyalRangoon.com

Pam Chaloult

Don’t forget that family owned Oasis Kitchen and Oasis Food market are open for take out and delivery. And they have fresh baked pita bread every day!

Jasmine Othman

Infinite Thai on Piedmont Ave is open for take-out.

David Madole

Doyle Street Café in Emeryville is open for take out Wednesday through Sunday, 9 a.m.-2 p.m.

Gregory ‘gar’ Russell

Reem’s California Has Closed (Food & Drink), Apr. 6


So sorry to see you go!

Sage Feldemeyer

For Virus Prevention, More Staff at Jail? (News), Apr. 8

Release folks at santa Rita, ASAP

Increasing staffing at Santa Rita jail is not going to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. The number of folks who have tested positive for the virus at Santa Rita is already 13 times higher than that of the general Alameda County rate (this includes both staff and inmates). If we think we can contain this inside the jail, we are very mistaken. We need to release folks ASAP. The number of inmates released so far is inadequate. A good percentage of the people released so far can be attributed to the normal weekly attrition rate. The DA and the Alameda County Board of Supervisors have been dragging their heels. This is no time to hire more staff (also no need as the jail population has been decreasing for years). The money the sheriff is asking for would be better spent on relief for those affected by this pandemic, those who have lost jobs, are at risk for losing their homes, have no healthcare, or need meals for their families.

Albertina Prins, RN, FNP

COVID, Cannabis, and Quacks (Feature), Apr. 15

Are You High All
the Time?

Cant’t understand how the East Bay Express became a shill and public relations rag for the pot industry. Are you folks high all the time?


Why is almost every other story on East Bay Express about pot? We’re not all fans of that stuff. You seriously can’t think of anything better to write about? Come on.

Lavich Erdagoyan

Virus May Delay Minimum Wage, Seven Days, Apr. 1

Paid the Price

Most Oakland residents will affirm that the new minimum wage had two primary effects. It increased the economic wellbeing of some employees, and reduced the number of employees working. It also had a side effect. Many, many Oakland restaurants went from full service to self service to stay in business. Many others went out of business.

Ernest Montague

Incomplete Test Data Blurs Full Picture of COVID-19 Outbreak, Feature, Mar. 27

Test the population

To get the infection rate data we don’t have to test everyone who wants a test. Much more useful to test statistically valid samples of the population.

Making the test more widely available to people with samples or just people who want to know if they’re infected for various reasons, is a waste of resources. Not as if we have meds or different treatments for those w/ symptoms who test positive, vs. that sick who test negative.

And much lower risk to the health workers administering the tests.
Main exception to random testing of samples should be for symptomatic people who live with others who are symptom free.

(BTW, article in NYT pointed out that even though Fed got insurance companies to agee to pay for the tests, that does not cover the ER facility and doc charges to administer the fees. Those can be a couple of thousand dollars.)

Len Raphael

Ethics Complaint Filed Against Feinstein For Selling Stocks, Feature, MAR. 25

Call it What it Is

I hope they don’t rope-a-dope this into forgotten history. She took advantage of insider trading.

J Bryant

Dispatches From Nowhere with Jeff Hull, Arts Feature, Mar. 4

Who Knew?

I have been enjoying this series, and had no idea its origins were in the mind of an Oaklander. (Now living in northern NY, I enjoyed 20 years in east-adjacent Oakland in the 70s-80’s.)

Barbara Lawson

Imagine a World With No Toilet Paper (Feature), Mar. 18

Not Rocket Science

We’d figure something out . . . this isn’t rocket science, let alone the end of the world.

Tony Daysog

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