The Question Raisers,
Feature, May 13

Why Did You
Write This?

This is some kind of paid for content pretending to be journalism, right? These people are obviously just another bunch of creepy libertarians sucking up right-wing zillionaire money. Why is this in the East Bay Express?

Bruno Ruhland

Bracing for the Worst,
Seven Days, May 6

It’s Not All
Covids Fault

Isn’t it too bad that back in 2004, the Oakland City Council, along with Mayor Brown and with complete public employee pressure, pushed forth a MASSIVE 35 percent overnight pension increase that made it apply to all regular workers … and worse yet, made it retroactive for all prior years of service? Of course, no money had been put aside for this endless future budget buster.

So long before Covid-19 showed up, Oakland had massive deficits despite huge increases in revenue. Adding the Covid-19 expenses plus a large decline in economic activity will cause the revenues to decline even further.

Just to run over an example. A “street painter” in Oakland, (cross walks, curbs, etc) makes over $70,000 a year for a 37.5-hour week. IF he starts working for the city at age 23 and retires at age 60, his pension will be 100 percent for life … plus large medical payments. Street painter, $70,000 plus COLA for life.

Now back to blaming Covid-19, and Trump for Oakland’s budget woes.

Dan de’Data

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