What if They Held a Pandemic,
And A Rent Strike Broke Out Instead? Feature, Apr. 29

Where does it end?

“There is no free lunch” has never been more true now as I read the magical-thinking of the tenant groups. What’s next, shall the governor pass an edict that pot clubs can no longer charge for their product because COVID-19 has added to our collective anxiety? Where does it end?


Nikki Bas and several cohorts in Oakland are planning to jam through controversial ordinances during this state of emergency. All eyes should be on the undemocratic overreach that will assure Oakland spends millions in court in the future. Zealots do not belong in city councils. Watch what these people are up to very closely. There are some nasty surprises coming.


It’s so easy for politicians to dictate that landlords can’t do this and can’t do that. But are any of these same politicians freezing property tax payments?

Paul Holt

If it is made rougher on landlords, there will be no more housing. Socializing things makes them cheaper, but also unavailable. This happened in each nation that collectivized their economy. It made things much worse such as Venezuela.

James A. Hudkins 1

Bay Area Eases Shelter-in-Place Restrictions, News, May 6

Boycott Businesses That Do Not Require Everyone who enter to Wear a Mask

Masks currently available online or home-manufactured will pass the virus through, they will not protect you. Only the N95 masks approved by the CDC for medical use are at all effective at blocking the virus and they, as the name implies, block only 95% of virus particles. Masks do not guarantee protection, therefore they should not be required in public spaces. Anyone in a public place not wearing a mask who is arrested for that will be able to sue and win. There is plenty of evidence of tests available online that show the masks to be ineffective. For this reason, the CDC does not require masks, unless you want to feel “more comfortable.”

When on private property, your passage is dependent on the proprietor’s rules. If they want you to wear a mask, you have to or you can be removed from the premises, as in “No shirt, no shoes, no service”. All you can do then is boycott the place and encourage others to do the same.

Steve Tabor

Masks are not meant to protect you from the coronavirus. They are meant to protect US from YOU. Any mask cuts down the chances of someone infected spreading the virus. That somebody would advocate against wearing a mask in the middle of such a pandemic is one of the most dangerous and irresponsible things possible. We should go out of our way to avoid getting close to anyone not wearing a mask.

Bob Fisher

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