.Kronos Quartet and Asha Bhosle

You've Stolen My Heart

Nothing can beat hipster-composer R.D. Burman’s songs from ’60s and ’70s Bollywood, an era when Indian women wore beehives and high heels with their saris, and rock guitar vied with the sitar for popularity. Burman helped introduce the swinging ’60s to India, writing daring film songs that drew on an eclectic mix of rock, Hawaiian music, and American soul as well as Indian classical and folk music. His wife, Asha Bhosle, became the voice of risqué Bombay, singing suggestive lyrics that by the time the early ’70s rolled around, sounded extremely hip and contemporary. More than three decades later, these songs sound just as racy and high-spirited as Bhosle revisits them with the shape-shifting Kronos Quartet. While her voice has mellowed with age, these songs haven’t — it’s a great chance to hear the wild sound of ’60s liberation filtered through a wildly different cultural lens.


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