Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus: Part Four

For the week of June 2-8, 2010.

Welcome to Planet Change, where sudden shifts, obvious and subtle, seem to transform reality in the blink of an eye. Where individual action has the potential to turn the collective Wheel of Life in a new direction, instantly. On Planet Change, where the pace of daily life is so rapid, many are simply wobbling from the spin. Welcome to a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction at the Zero Aries Point, on June 8, a position on the Zodiac some astrologers consider one of the most, if not the most, potent point in the astrological system. I could say welcome to the intensity of an entirely new cycle of the same old shifts, but while the issues remain the same, attitudes toward and action about those issues are not business as usual. For some, this astral acceleration is invigorating — the external atmosphere is alive and kicking. For others, the altered air makes it hard to breathe — too much is changing to quickly. And for still more, the quickening is just discombobulating.

The days leading up to this exact conjunction on Tuesday could feel a little soupy. Jupiter is moving through the last moments of Pisces, a Water Sign well known for its empathy and sensitivity. Everyone — including you — is sure to be tender to the touch, whether that touch is physical or psychic. So try not to judge anyone too harshly. We’re all certain to be more than a little delicate and feelings could get hurt all too easily, especially as Uranus, already in Aries, becomes increasingly blunt.

While Aries are as sensitive as any other Sign, they are known more for candor than concern. Don’t misunderstand, Aries cares. But this is the passionate Sign of the fiery adventurer, the solider of fortune, the embodied spirit of ambition that says, “Here I am.” Before it asks, “Who are you?” Again, don’t get the wrong idea: I love Aries, as I love all Signs. And every birth chart contains the Sign of Aries, which means this symbol of the “will to be” is active in each of our lives. I just suggest that over the course of the next few days, the contrast between the fluidity of Pisces and the fire of Aries will generate a complex, and perhaps confrontational atmosphere, so when possible work for peaceful resolution rather than rousing rebellion.

But avoiding revolution won’t be possible during Uranus’ seven-year journey through Aries. And certainly not while it’s conjunct Jupiter for the next year. Uranus is the Che Guevara of the astrological pantheon. Jupiter amplifies anything it contacts. And that includes the blind zeal of Aries. Best to avoid fanatical fights of might for right, because it won’t be easy discerning what’s genuinely right. Fortunately, Saturn, with its power to separate the wheat from the chaff, continues to be a part of the process, at least for the next several months, as it opposes the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction and holds our individual and collective revolutionary feet to the fire, asking us to consider whether our cause is true. And, if so, how we can go about realizing our idealistic objectives without succumbing to the same old paradigm of change — the means justifies the ends — an antiquated attitude that has never really changed a thing.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon sign, read that, too.

ARIES You don’t have to be concerned about standing still — there is plenty of movement. Concentrate on what would be the best possible direction to pursue, and then stay steady on your course.

TAURUS Keep a dream journal by your bed. You’re in a deeply internal phase that is almost certain to involve some sort of psychological and spiritual investigation, and you’ll want to take notes.

GEMINI You may not be able to implement every idea all at once, but if you are patient, you will discover opportunities to put significant innovations into motion.

CANCER Each week for the next seven years, I’m probably going to remind you of opportunities to make money. So seize the moment and start building your empire, now.

LEO Don’t spend one moment of your creative energy considering what others will think. Simply allow yourself to be inspired and to be inspiring, and all your anxieties will melt away.

VIRGO Surprising opportunities could improve your financial situation, but taking advantage of these prospects requires a grounded plan based on what you can realistically accomplish.

LIBRA The first rule of magic: Whatever we focus attention on becomes our reality. Rather than dwell on past disappointments, concentrate on how to transform stagnant relationship patterns.

SCORPIO Be willing to look at old situations from a completely different perspective and you’ll gain a more creative view. Think Hanged Man in the Tarot, and turn the entire project upside down.

SAGITTARIUS Allow your excesses to point you in the “right” direction, and then do whatever is necessary to keep yourself balanced. I know this sounds like a koan, but it is not as difficult a riddle as you think.

CAPRICORN As part of the Uranian excitement, you’re wrestling with issues of security — and who isn’t. But for you the secret is figuring out how to attain lasting, inner security.

AQUARIUS Share kind words with those you love, and you’ll ease the stresses and strains of daily life. As John Lennon once sang, “Love is the answer.” It’s also the constant that transcends time and space.

PISCES There’s no need to be afraid of your shadow, so rather than shy away from difficult feelings, find a good coach or therapist and try to find healthy ways of looking at what needs some work.

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