Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus: Part Five

For the week of June 9-15, 2010.

Having a hard time sitting still? Feeling scattered and barely able to stay focused? Antsy for something new but afraid of what it might be? Or are you hiding under the covers until the air cools off and the Instant Karma climate moves to another locale? Welcome to the brave new world of the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, in Aries, the dynamic Sign of new beginnings. The only problem is that what to start and where to start it isn’t at all clear — yet. Or as one Aries friend said, “It feels like nothing is the same, but the newness feels too empty to feel like anything.” I pointed out that Buddhists might call this sense of emptiness the “true view.” Without hesitation, she replied: “This ain’t nirvana, baby.” Well, that may be true. But this conjunction does have the power to alter consciousness, personal and collective, without the aid of psychedelics.

The exact conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus is already starting to separate. But because Jupiter and Uranus are only five or six astrological minutes away from each other, technically they are still merged at the same degree, and astro-truth be told, they will travel in tandem for quite some time. And just to continue on the techno-thread for a moment, Jupiter will eventually be within three degrees of Uranus, a distance some astrologers would say is too far to be counted. But because it’s Jupiter’s nature to be expansive, and because Uranus, the original maverick, always breaks the rules, I’m thinking conventional orbs of influence are suspended as long as these two are united. Translation: This intense combination is going to last all summer, and well into the fall.

Jupiter/Uranus contacts are notorious for the release of stresses. Jupiter is generally seen as the planet of great good fortune. Uranus symbolizes sudden and startling developments. When the two planets combine, there is often a sense that providence is pointing toward a positive resolution. We can only hope this applies to the situation in the Gulf, which from an astrological perspective can be seen as an aggregation of several astrological signatures.

First, the spill started with the fourth exact Saturn/Uranus opposition, in Pisces. The Saturn/Uranus opposition symbolizes the dissolution of stagnant structures, and it’s hard to imagine another kind of event demonstrating so dramatically the cost of our stagnant energy policies. Second, Chiron moved into Pisces on April 20, as it left a conjunction with Neptune, in Aquarius. Chiron’s nickname is the Wounded Healer, and often its presence reveals the schisms between material and spiritual realities. And third, because Neptune rules Pisces, the Sign of the sea, and oil is also included within its broad domain, it is possible to interpret the spill through the lens of Chiron, which ultimately seeks unification and alignment with our highest aspirations.

While it’s heartbreaking to witness so much destruction and to feel so helpless to effect any immediate, positive change, it’s also heartening to see so many people offering so many ideas about how to stop the leak. From the perspective of a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, in Aries, perhaps the magnitude of this disaster will engender a worldwide movement dedicated to ending the stagnant pattern of our addiction to oil, as it simultaneously motivates true innovation in meeting our energy needs.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon sign, read that, too.

ARIES You want to “do,” but you may not be clear about where your energies are best spent. Allow your situation to unfold, and the appropriate action will present itself at the right moment.

TAURUS While sudden revelations about deep psychological patterns could be unsettling, they can also be liberating. So rather than resist, stay open to a new perspective on old behavior.

GEMINI Stimulating conversations with inspire innovative ideas about your career path. This isn’t necessarily about a new job; it’s about revolutionizing your attitude and choices.

CANCER If you are clear and direct in your analysis of the problem, you’ll find a simple solution. So stay open to the possibility that solving your current puzzle doesn’t have to be hard.

LEO Make no assumptions about what will happen, and be prepared for several surprising events — all of which are likely to put you in the best possible light. Embrace spontaneity, and your heart will sing.

VIRGO Be a benevolent despot and inspire loyalty through your compassionate example. Sure you can bark commands, but that won’t motivate others to do their best.

LIBRA Don’t be surprised if partners past, present, and perhaps future dominate daily life. Worry not; you don’t have to unite or reunite unless you want to.

SCORPIO It’s a complex situation that requires reexamining your understanding of service. As you think about it, consider this: Service done with a true heart never generates resentment.

SAGITTARIUS Surrender to your creative impulses and allow inspiration to guide your choices. As you do, remember that your life is your greatest creative work of all.

CAPRICORN Deep emotional currents could disturb your natural calm, but if you allow these feelings to surface, they will deliver vital information about the next step in personal growth.

AQUARIUS Strong words could replace kind words this week, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be words of love. I’m not being silly. Words of love, soft and tender, will win hearts and soothe souls.

PISCES Rely on your innate intuitive skills to guide yourself through any conflict. You don’t have to resolve every difficult situation, but your efforts to facilitate peaceful results will bear beneficial fruit.


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