Joyful Noise

For the week of December 22-28, 2010.

This Christmas, whether it’s on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, the conversation around the feasting table is likely to be highly unusual. In Woo-Woo World (where I live), New Age families are likely to be talking about the Mayan factor and the end of time (after all, we’re only two years away from the target date of December 21, 2012). The end of the world could also be a topic of conversation in more traditional households, especially given the political mess we’re in, as well as the current state of the economy. Some communities have already recognized what happens when you combine prophecy and politics — “Palin 2012: 10,000 Mayans Can’t Be Wrong.” (My favorite bumper sticker, spotted in Santa Fe by a friend; and, yes, I am still working on that learning-to-love-the-Republicans thing.) Wherever you find yourself along this spectrum of strange, you can be certain someone will up the ante from odd to odder. So leave your judgments at the door (or if you’re hosting, tuck them neatly under the carpet), and simply allow yourself to be amused. Remember, ’tis the season to be jolly.

Several sources contribute to the week’s preoccupation with fringe realities. First, we are in the throes of a lunar eclipse that occurred on Tuesday, December 21, at the last degree of the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. Both Gemini and its complement Sagittarius love (and I mean love) to talk, and sometimes they love to talk so much, they just prattle on about any ol’ thing. But because eclipses tend to reveal previously hidden information, this eclipse has the potential to unfold as a series of personal Wikileaks. (It makes no difference that this eclipse happened yesterday; eclipses tend to have an effect six weeks before or six weeks after the actual event.) And this eclipse could motivate otherwise quiet and contained individuals to reveal astonishing information about Ayahuasca rituals they have experienced in the Peruvian rainforest.

Second, Mercury is still retrograde, and while its square to the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction is waning, I’m thinking it still carries some clout. When Mercury stimulates a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction (which is already weird and wonderful), all variety of information is suddenly “shared.” Mercury is also in a sextile to Neptune, a dreamy combination that has the potential to turn certain dialogues poetic. Neptune signifies imagination. Mercury symbolizes language. And when they work together, minds are able to reach beyond the confines of mundane reality. Writers, keep pen and paper handy: This sextile inspires storytelling.

Two difficult interactions could interfere with the festivities and turn upbeat conversations dour. All week long, we are moving into a Mars/Saturn square, a difficult interaction, with a bent toward severity that’s bound to empower bah-humbug attitudes. We are also in the midst of a Sun/Pluto conjunction, another hard configuration that feeds the need to control everything. This means you or someone you love might not be able to refrain from putting a foot down on subject matter that strays just a bit too far from what he or she would like Christmas to be. Remember, this year’s holiday mantra is “non-judgment.”

As we approach the end of a gruelingly intense year, you may find yourself reviewing significant moments. Apply the same notion of non-judgment to this retrospective, and as you do, please be kind to yourself and to others.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES The entire picture will reveal itself in time. So make patience your constant companion, and continue to take a day-by-day approach to life.

TAURUS The eccentricity of the holiday spirit actually agrees with you. Give yourself permission to swap those reindeer antlers for your ET antennae, and have a wacky little weekend.

GEMINI Partners of every denomination may be surprised by your declarations of personal independence. Don’t let their reaction deter you from establishing healthy boundaries.

CANCER Rather than insist on a specific outcome, surrender your need to control, and simply allow the situation to unfold. It won’t be easy to let go, but the benefits might surprise you.

LEO You won’t be able to refrain from sharing your opinion on every subject. So surrender to the inevitable and rely on your innate generosity of spirit to soothe any feathers that get ruffled by your enthusiasm.

VIRGO Refuse to be bitten by the “bah-humbug” ghost of Christmas disappointment, and instead focus on activities that will boost your joy and feed your creativity.

LIBRA Of course you’re revisiting family issues. ‘Tis the season to review and take stock, so as you contemplate your situation, remember to also examine your participation.

SCORPIO Pretend you are guest-starring on Glee, and then express your feelings by singing loud and proud. Don’t worry about making “noise” — music is always about authenticity.

SAGITTARIUS Give your inner poet permission to hold forth — and then witness what happens when your natural loquaciousness meets your innate creativity.

CAPRICORN Take advantage of this year’s unconventional holiday spirit, and instead of doing what’s expected because it’s expected, be true to yourself and celebrate the way you want to — even if it’s completely traditional.

AQUARIUS If you are having a holiday dilemma, here’s the antidote: Just be you. All you, all the time. After all, you are the very essence of spontaneous, original, free-spirited self-expression.

PISCES The emotional intensity of the season persists, but that doesn’t mean you need to be overwhelmed. Keep your priorities clear, only participate in activities that bring you joy, and don’t hesitate to hide under the covers when necessary.

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