.It Only Gets Harder

For the week of July 21-27, 2010.

The final Saturn/Uranus opposition on July 26 empowers extreme emotional entitlement, and as a stunning array of repressed feelings break free from the constraints of good manners and common sense, three lesser-known Disney Dwarfs — Frustration, Resentment, and Rage — refuse to stay in the shadows. Expect confrontations over power issues, particularly relationship power issues. And that includes alliances of every denomination. Also anticipate strong stands, yours or others’, as previous efforts toward conciliation dissolve in the heat of the moment. Even if you think you understand the causal level of the problem, think again. As these suppressed shadows let loose, they are likely to arrange themselves into a litany of complaints and injustices that date back to … well, the beginning of time. (Oy. My head hurts just thinking about it.) Because so much has been held in for so long, it will take discernment to differentiate between significant grievances and mean-spirited nitpicking. Even those of us not under direct fire will find it difficult to cope with the intensity. As always, the best way through these waves of change is to put consciousness into practice. If there was ever a time to walk your spiritual talk, it would be now.

The source of this mighty polarization is the ongoing Saturn/Uranus opposition. The previous exact contacts all occurred between Virgo and Pisces, Mutable Signs, Signs of compromise. Today, Saturn moves into Libra, and as it does, it shifts the opposition into Cardinal Signs, Signs of action. Saturn is the symbol of authority; Libra is the Sign of relating; Uranus represents independence; and oppositions signify opposing forces. The time for negotiation is over. Don’t be surprised if your inner soundtrack keeps telling you, “I gotta be me. I gotta be free.”

I can hear some of you thinking, “So what else is new? Haven’t we been in this signature for what feels like forever?” Not quite. For the next few weeks, several additional planets ramp up the intensity. First, Pluto squares Saturn and Uranus. Pluto symbolizes death and rebirth; its concerns are ultimate and its presence demands authenticity. Translation: You won’t be able to pretend a relationship is working when it’s not.

Next, Jupiter opposes Saturn as it conjuncts Uranus. Jupiter amplifies the Uranian need for independence, turning it into an undeniable urge to “live free or die.” Before you revolt, notice if your oppressor is truly external. Remember the power of projection. You may actually be caught in an internal emotional pattern that’s never before seen the light of awareness.

Jupiter goes Retrograde on July 23, and as it seemingly turns around, it squares Pluto, stoking the desire for power. Be wary of gambling everything on the self-righteous certainty that God is on your side.

But that’s not all. This week, Mars, the Warrior archetype, joins the formation, as it conjuncts Saturn and opposes Uranus. Mars agitates the already agitated air, and over the next weeks, as it presses closer to Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter, and Pluto, it could turn the entire bundle belligerent.

It won’t be easy resisting the temptation to fight, and in some instances, taking a stand for what you believe will be the wisest choice — but only if you can maintain the broadest possible perspective, one that is inclusive, and one that recognizes no matter how polarized a situation might appear, we are all in this mess together.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES Manage your excess energy or you will simply implode or explode from internal and external pressures. Walk, run, swim, or bike — just find a healthy way of handling the stress.

TAURUS A cautious, circumspect attitude will serve you well. Choose your words carefully, and you will avoid exacerbating the tension and tumult.

GEMINI Try not to take the power of your innate creativity for granted. Not everyone has the inner resources to rise to the occasion of reinventing themselves or their situation.

CANCER It is fundamentally a crisis of belonging, and as the weeks unfold, you will have abundant opportunities to explore what it means to feel deeply connected to family and friends.

LEO The key to making the most of this intense creative time is surrendering to imagination. Delve deeply into your vision of the world, and allow your originality and clarity to inform your choices.

VIRGO The message is the same: It looks, sounds, and feels like a financial issue — and it may be — but at the core it is a matter of learning how to value yourself simply on the basis of being you.

LIBRA At the risk of repeating myself, if you can think of relationship as a verb instead of a noun, as something you participate in rather than something you own or possess, you’ll generate genuine opportunities for healing.

SCORPIO Brooding about the problem will only intensify your anxiety. Turning the situation over to your Higher Power, however, will help you to find a realistic remedy that can soothe and quiet your heart.

SAGITTARIUS You haven’t lost your innate enthusiasm for life. You’re simply in transition, letting go of what’s old so you can embrace the new.

CAPRICORN Yes, your attitude is fierce, but that’s exactly what’s needed to face the work that lies ahead. Acknowledge your strength and you’ll inspire others to acknowledge theirs.

AQUARIUS While you may not know what to say in every situation, if you rely on your natural spontaneity, you will rise to the occasion with humor and wit.

PISCES Channel your intensity into creative projects and you’ll find a way to transform the pressure into treasure. I know that may sound glib, but it’s still true.


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