.Information Overload

For the week of September 30-October 6, 2009.

This week, and the next several weeks, the sky bustles with
planetary activity, and as it does here on earth, overcrowded calendars
burst with too much to do in too little time and nervous systems
stretch beyond any reasonable capacity to cope with multidimensional
interactions in a linear world. It’s busy, but it doesn’t have to be
insane. The best way through is to prioritize your goals, and then, to
keep an even keel — emotionally, physically, mentally, and
spiritually. The problem is staying calm in the midst of such a hectic
environment won’t be easy. So incorporate doing more of whatever it is
you do to stay centered, focused, and present, even if that seems

In case you weren’t sure what that swoosh was that blew by on
Tuesday, it was Mercury Direct, powered by an assortment of astral
cohorts. Mercury “turned around” in a conjunction with Saturn, an
opposition to Uranus, and a sextile to Mars. Fortunately, Mercury is
adept at multitasking. Unfortunately, we mere mortals aren’t as
skilled, which means it will take extra effort and concentration to
handle the plethora of all that needs to be done. Mercury symbolizes
intellectual activity, as well as all things related to commerce and
travel. So keep in mind, minds will be very, very busy. Try not to
over-think. When Mercury shares the same space as Saturn (which it does
until October 12), Saturn’s need for rules and regulations can turn
Mercury’s meanderings sour and dour. But Mercury’s opposition to
Uranus, as well as the sextile to Mars, ought to liven things up given
that Mars represents physical energy and Uranus, the principle of
sudden change. Be prepared for quick shifts in perspective and policy,
as well as rapid repartee that could reveal more than surface opinion
or concern.

But Mercury Direct isn’t the only force driving the days and nights
to a fevered pitch. Mars is also busy forming its own relationships.
(1) A Mars/Uranus trine excites the air with irrepressible urges for
personal freedom and the physical determination to act on those urges.
There is no stopping this positive combination; for those of you
inclined to impetuous behavior, better take those “think again pills,”
and for those of you given to “slugdom,” get ready to relinquish the
couch or the recliner and move into hyperactivity. Normally I would add
a warning not to act precipitously — with Uranus (and sometimes
with Mars) there is always the danger of losing interest, changing your
mind midstream, or creating an accident-prone environment because
you’re in a hurry. But Saturn’s presence — opposing Uranus and
sextiling Mars — will add a somber note. Saturn won’t dampen the
extraordinary vitality of this Mars/Uranus combo; it will just temper
it a bit.

This week, rather than rush, find a comfortable, manageable pace.
There’s no need to burn out at the beginning. And if it happens that
you have energy to spare, think about spending some of it helping
others who aren’t as skilled or capable of moving into positive action
as you.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon sign, read that,

ARIES You’re likely to feel Mercury’s forward motion in the
workplace, as an increase in daily responsibilities eats away at was
once “down” time. Don’t despair; your efforts will eventually yield
positive returns.

TAURUS Mercury stimulates creative surges, especially a
desire to write or chronicle recent experiences. As you journal, be
prepared for deep feelings to emerge and transform your

GEMINI Don’t be surprised if you’re cleaning every closet,
shelf, and corner. You’re preparing for the next phase and as part of
that preparation you’ll feel an irresistible desire to cleanse and
replace stagnant storage areas both internal and external.

CANCER While I’m not suggesting motivational speaking as your
next career, I think it will be next to impossible for you hold back
anything that’s on your mind. So as you hold forth, please remember to
listen with equal intensity.

LEO Mercury has you thinking deeply and creatively about how
to improve your finances. Pay attention to your intuition, let it merge
with your imagination, and you’ll experience a deep current of
practical ideas.

VIRGO Don’t hesitate to find the ground of compassionate
compromise. Kind words, spoken from the heart, will always soothe a
volatile situation. They are especially potent at reconciling opposing
points of view.

LIBRA You’re thinking too hard about a certain situation and
you’ll never reach an answer through such a tight grasp. Relax, let go
of the need to have everything make sense, and then trust in your
intuition to deliver the goods.

SCORPIO Stimulating conversations with friends on a variety
of topics trigger your creative process. Pay attention not just to what
others are saying, but also to what you are sharing.

SAGITTARIUS Mercury focuses on career issues and as it does,
so do you. If you’re employed, your workload intensifies. If you’re
looking for work, now is the time to renew your search.

CAPRICORN Call it a “crisis of faith,” or see your thought
process as a search for a deeper truth. Either way, you are chewing on
certain information in the hope of better understanding your current

AQUARIUS There’s no clear-cut solution because the problem is
complex. Take your time trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together
and you’ll find yourself able to identify the relevant material with
greater ease.

PISCES Mercury makes it a littler easier to talk about what
you’re feeling, as well as to listen to what others are feeling.
Staying open to this experience will catalyze valuable


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