.Inequality and Mass Transit in the Bay Area

Hello, this is kinda cool: Inspired by the New Yorker’s recent interactive feature on income inequality as mapped by the city’s subway system, a couple of local developers, Michael Belfrage and Dan Grover, made their own version by plotting BART, MUNI, and CalTrain stops against the median income for the census tract in which they’re cointained. Because the Bay Area’s transit system is less extensive than the New York subway — and the Bay Area is generally less dense than New York City — this one’s a bit less baldly depressing than the New York version, but it’s still fascinating to see that, for example, the median household income in the Union City BART station’s census tract is more than twice that of the next stop, South Hayward’s.

via http://dangrover.github.io/sf-transit-inequality/#
  • via http://dangrover.github.io/sf-transit-inequality/#


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