.Humor, Optimism, and Sexual Urges

For the week of October 7-13, 2009.

The planets display their multifaceted talents this week, and
successfully navigating this holographic kaleidoscope of astral
interactions will require nothing less than a multidimensional mindset.
And while some of us are always aware that nothing occurs in isolation,
as the week unfolds, lots of us are going to be hyperaware of our
interconnectedness. Be prepared to be surprised about who knows who and
who knows what — you’ll probably encounter no more than two
degrees of separation. Also expect to feel exceptionally vital as you
move through what is sure to feel like an excessive to-do list, most of
which is necessary. And — this is the best part —
anticipate an optimistic attitude, supported by a strong creative
current. I know by now you’re wondering if I’m describing life on
another planet; this couldn’t possibly be the forecast for Earth. But
it is, and despite the growing list of serious and pressing problems,
which have not gone away, this week offers a different perspective.

Venus, Mars, and Uranus are at the core of this week’s patterns.
Venus is moving into a conjunction with Mercury and Saturn, a position
that deepens the desire to be thorough in all endeavors. But Venus is
also in an opposition to Uranus, an interaction that is likely to
reject sobriety in favor of excitement. A Venus/Uranus opposition is
known for strong and impetuous creative, as well as sexual, urges.
Translation: Don’t be surprised if you find yourself momentarily
infatuated with someone or something that’s never before caught your
eye. Just remember, under any Venus/Uranus contact, the rule of thumb
is “Marry in haste, repent at leisure.” The problem is the presence of
Mars makes it impossible to deny those urges. Not only does Mars
sextile Venus, a passionate coupling that’s sure to fuel romantic and
artistic fire, but Mars also trines Uranus, an alliance that feeds the
need to act on impulse. You’ll need skill to handle the intensity of
this entire bundle, especially if you’re drawn to someone who isn’t as
interested in a relationship as you may be. Yet, given the combined
aesthetic sensibility of Venus, Mars, and Uranus, its intensity can be
put to good use moving creative mountains. Allow yourself to be
inspired and allow yourself to try different approaches that may
require unusual choices.

And saving the best for last: A Sun/Jupiter trine, exact on October
10, promotes optimism. But more importantly, it also encourages humor,
which means you can expect to be laughing. I’m not suggesting
everything will be funny, but this trine will provide the sort of
psychic resilience to allow irony rather than despair.

As you move through the week, make the most of its vitality by
embracing its intensity. And should you have energy to spare, which
most of us will, spend some of that excess helping others.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon sign, read that,

ARIES Awaken to your true nature, move into action, and throw
your thunderbolts with precise intention — no throwing just
’cause it feels good to move. If you do, you’ll be amazed at what you
can accomplish.

TAURUS Don’t be surprised if you feel as if you are returning
to your truest self, and appreciate your ability to balance your
material and spiritual world. The best thing about self-confidence is
that it grows exponentially.

GEMINI Be direct with yourself and others about where your
energy is best spent. If you’re clear about your priorities, you’ll
enjoy the fast pace without a moment of time wasted on what isn’t of

CANCER Resist the temptation to dwell on “should have,”
“could have,” or “if only.” Regretting the past will keep you from
appreciating the present. Learn from your mistakes, integrate those
lessons, and move on.

LEO Harness the power of the week and use it to identify
what’s working to your benefit and the benefit of those you love. This
is not about hacking away at your life. It’s about eliminating what’s
superfluous and concentrating on what’s authentic.

VIRGO Avoid shortcuts, especially if those time-saving
efforts have the potential to compromise your integrity. You have
enough energy to get through each day. You just need to be clear about
where your time is best spent.

LIBRA You are in the process of completing one intense phase
and moving into another. As you move through this transition, assume a
“beginner’s mind” that will allow a genuine humility to guide your
through this process with skill.

SCORPIO Make “moderation and modesty” your mantra, especially
as you step into the leadership position. I’m not suggesting you feign
a lack of ambition or interest. I’m simply advising you to remember
that others will be learning from your example.

SAGITTARIUS As is often the case, synthesis is the key to
your success. So rather than choosing one way or another, try
contextualizing your situation as a challenge to reconcile opposites,
with the hope of creating several solutions.

CAPRICORN Consider your circumstances a spiritual initiation
and you’ll have an easier time dismantling an aspect of yourself that
no longer serves. Face yourself, honestly, and you’ll grow into greater

AQUARIUS Sometimes the present tastes sweeter when we take
the time to appreciate the past. No matter how busy you are — and
you’re plenty busy — recognize just how much you’ve accomplished
thus far.

PISCES While it feels like a tangle of emotional threads, if
can see your situation as an opportunity to integrate recent
relationship lessons, you’ll find it much easier to sort through what
you’ve learned and what still needs work.


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