.House/Full of Blackwomen Present Black Women Dreaming — A Ritual Rest In Oakland

It’s documented that Harriet Tubman suffered from narcolepsy due to a head injury she sustained as a slave. During her intense narcoleptic dreams, Tubman experienced vivid visions from God that guided her on nineteen trips through the tunnels of the Underground Railroad. The folks behind House/Full of Blackwomen, a performance project based in Oakland, believe it was these unavoidable bouts of sleep that provided Tubman with the rest she needed to be of sound body and mind on her trips. It’s with this belief that they honor her, through a series of events including writing workshops for black teen girls, a public gallery opening, and a performance piece that considers the well-being, displacement, and sex-trafficking of black women and girls in Oakland. Titled Black Women Dreaming — A Ritual Rest, the week-long performance invites Black women to engage in a period of ritual rest, sleeping, and dreaming for two-to-10 hour sessions, beginning on March 26. This performance will be held at an undisclosed location in West Oakland. The rest of House/Full of Blackwomen’s events, including collaborations with Chapter 510 and Regina’s Door, will be ongoing until April 7. Given the current political climate, intentional rest and dreaming seem like a survival tactics worth mastering.


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