Hold On For Uranus Retrograde

For the week of June 24-30, 2009.

Fasten your seatbelts. Or should I say tighten them? Uranus goes
Retrograde on July 1, which means this week and next are going to be
more than a little bumpy. I can already hear the collective moan: “More
than the last few weeks, with all the mishegas and madness so
many people have been facing?” Yes … much more, because when Uranus
changes direction, daily life increases in intensity, and little
earthquakes, personal and collective, send shudders through regular
routines. Be prepared to be off-center, and more than a little
disoriented. Anticipate sleep disturbances, and also be prepared for
pulses to exhibit erratic rates. The stars incline, as the saying goes,
they do not compel. But Uranus, the planet that symbolizes breaking the
rules, often breaks that rule, if only because we tend to experience
such dramatic extremes before and after it changes direction.

Uranus signifies shift, so when it “turns around,” which it does
once a year, for approximately five months, we tend to experience turn
arounds as well; its “revolutions” become our retrospectives. The
current retrograde phase lasts from July 1 through December 1, which
means for many of us, the next five months of Uranus Retrograde
translates into a reexamination of decisions made over the course of
the last five months (February-June), especially decisions made in
haste or in the heat of the moment. Love affairs you thought were kaput
could be rekindled. Projects you thought were lost are suddenly revived
with new enthusiasm. Out of the blue, you’re offered an unanticipated
promotion. Just be aware, when Uranus goes direct in December, all the
positions reversed during its retrograde phase could be reversed again.
Uranus is, after all, the planet of startling plot twists.

There is no way to prepare for Uranus Retrograde, other than to
practice yoga on every level — physical, mental, emotional, and
spiritual — for flexibility is the best way to handle surprising
events. What Uranus always does, whether it is moving backward or
forward, is catalyze whatever is stagnant or stale. Uranus abhors the
status quo but only if the status quo has hardened into an untenable
rigidity. The good news about Uranus is that its presence is so
blatant, it’s hard not to notice what it is trying to shake loose from
either a personal or collective perspective. Pay attention to your
resistance or where you are clinging to a position — political,
philosophical, or financial — and you’ll be able to identify what
Uranus is catalyzing. Remember, resistance is futile when it comes to
Uranus, so make sure you’re willing to surrender what is no longer
vital in your life.

We’ve been in the midst of so much change for so long it seems
almost impossible that the ante in this game of stress could get any
higher than it already is. Nervous systems already fragile from
prolonged states of adrenal emergency need tender care during these
times. So be kind to yourself, as well as your fellow travelers during
the coming week. A small gentle gesture can soothe an anxious

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that,

ARIES Stay focused on the details, even if it means
continuing to take one painstaking step at a time. If you’re clear
about what you are putting in motion, you’ll eventually be pleased with
the results.

TAURUS Try not to let emotionally charged conversations throw
you off balance, or allow careless words to morph into brain worms and
steal your inner equilibrium. Just keep breathing and you’ll get

GEMINI Idle chatter will only squander your potential to make
tangible career gains. So rather than waste time gossiping, concentrate
your time and energy discussing subjects that will yield valuable

CANCER Compassion will turn the situation around, but only if
you’re authentic about your desire to make peace. Compromise doesn’t
have to be capitulation; it can also be synthesis.

LEO There’s no need to allow any distractions to deter you
from your goal. I’m sorry to sound like a cliché, but if you
whistle while you work, you’ll be extraordinarily pleased with the
fruits of your labor.

VIRGO While the pressure is lighter, the intensity levels of
your relationships, personal and professional, remain high. So continue
to notice what is being mirrored to you, as you also continue to take
responsibility for your participation.

LIBRA The challenge is how to unite seemingly opposing forces
into a cohesive team. Spend some time listening carefully to all sides,
and you’ll begin to hear what all the participants have in common.

SCORPIO No one, not even the strongest among us is completely
self-sufficient. So while you often find it comfortable to rely on
others, it’s still not a bad idea to ask for help when you need it.

SAGITTARIUS All work and no play, at least for now, would be
the best choice. If you’re willing to put in the sweat equity, you will
derive satisfying dividends for your efforts.

CAPRICORN Do not be fooled by appearances. At first glance
the emphasis appears to be financial, but a closer look reveals that
the situation has more to do an internal assessment of your true value
than an external one.

AQUARIUS Give yourself permission to hunker down and relax
into the safety and security of home. Of course there is still plenty
to do, but right now, rest and relaxation are the most important
activities on your agenda.

PISCES Grounded exchanges with significant others, personal
or professional, and members of your immediate family will help you to
gain perspective. Listen carefully and you’ll expand your sense of


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