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History Repeats Itself


Daily life plays out on a split screen this week. On one side, personal red threads of persistent karmic themes continue to turn daily life into an emotional obstacle course. On the other, collective red threads of persistent communal karmic themes cause unrest. While at first glance these divided narratives may appear unrelated, they are, actually, a micro/macrocosm of reality: These protests, individual and collective, are born of real experience and suffering. Of course, certain causes will fail to reach critical mass today, but as Bob Dylan once sang, “the first one now will later be last.” So don’t despair if demands aren’t met immediately. There is no miracle cure beyond a consistent intention coupled with the determination to do the hard work of transformation.

The source of the astro-drama is a Jupiter/Pluto trine. All Jupiter/Pluto contacts signify a desire for power. Many of us tend to characterize that desire as a negative urge, but power can also be positive, and the current trine, exact on October 28, represents that positive flow. It provides the potential for the kind of personal power that allows individuals to stand in the world, centered and ready to participate fully in life. This trine stirs social uprisings, especially movements geared toward spiritual regeneration. You may think Occupy Wall Street is a political protest, but politics is just the way into much deeper common ground: The recognition of shared interests has the potential to cut through the artificial boundaries of class, race, religion, gender, age, or education, and the dissolution of those boundaries generates a powerful momentum.

Part of the reason we are experiencing such dramatic personal and collective upheaval is that we are on the threshold of a major interaction between Uranus and Pluto, the two change agents of the astrological system. Next year, we start a series of seven exact contacts (which I will address in depth in future columns), but this summer Uranus and Pluto gave us a preview of things to come. When they make contact, we experience shift — whether we like it or not. Most of the movements we recognize as progress toward social justice have their activists’ roots planted firmly in Uranus/Pluto cycles.

The current cycle of Uranus/Pluto began in the 1960s, and no one needs to be reminded of just how much that period of time changed the world. The conjunction was exact three times from October 1965-66. And here’s where astrology gets interesting — just prior to those exact conjunctions, there was also a Jupiter/Pluto trine, with Jupiter also in Taurus, the Sign it’s in now. And the red threads associated with movements for social justice that occurred fifty years ago are the same red threads we are currently trying to transform.

History is repeating itself. The question is if we can pay close enough attention to apply the knowledge and wisdom we have gained. Remember, lasting revolution occurs one heart at a time, and any one of us could be the Hundredth Monkey.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES Use the power of the week to get organized. Sort through the chaos and clutter, identify your priorities, and use that awareness to strengthen your foundation. With conscious, intentional order, success is possible.

TAURUS Be generous with your affection and provide tenderness to those in need of attention and care. You have needs, too, but this week, opening your heart and staying grounded in kindness would be the wisest stance.

GEMINI Use your innate powers of persuasion, and don’t worry about leading your followers down the wrong path. If you remain clear about what’s important and how those values will benefit others, you will make the right choices.

CANCER Because you know just how important it is to feel safe, you’re sensitive to the security needs of others. Use that empathy to help friends, family, and even strangers to get grounded and feel a sense of belonging.

LEO Focus on creativity, but don’t limit that expression to an art or a craft. See your life as your greatest work of art, and your attitude as your palate. Think expansively, and your world will expand exponentially.

VIRGO To prevent intrusions by the brain worm, aim your mental efforts at finding positive solutions to several persistent problems. You’re not in any danger, but a positive attitude is the best defense.

LIBRA It’s all about finding and maintaining your balance (okay, when isn’t it?). But whether it’s financial, emotional, mental, or spiritual, if you stay moderate, you will create the equilibrium you so desire.

SCORPIO Allow candid conversations with those closest to your heart and you’ll penetrate a new layer of understanding. You don’t have to do anything other than listen, closely, to what is or isn’t being said.

SAGITTARIUS You have a rare opportunity to either plant the seeds of financial success or to reap the rewards of previous efforts. Either way, increased fiscal stability is probable. All you need to do is stay focused on your goals.

CAPRICORN Contemplate how you could better improve your interactions with friends or family. You may have to put aside your opinions, but when opinions on current events have faded away, love will still endure.

AQUARIUS Pay attention to your intuition and allow yourself to be guided by your hunches. Apply an imaginative approach rather than a linear one, and you’ll be pleased with the overall result.

PISCES Owning your personal power won’t make you a despot, but pretending you don’t have any or denying your power will. Powerful people know their limitations. Knowing yours will strengthen the integrity of your system.