.High ‘Up’: ‘What’s It’s Like’ Selling Pot At Seventy

The hot topic of marijuana — and seniors’ right to access it — percolates on popular news and community web site Reddit.com today, where weed fans known as “Ents” are helping raise $7,000 for What It’s Like, a short film about a weed and mushroom dealer in a retirement community.

It’s about aging, loss, and hallucination, according to Austin, Texas producer Matt Naylor. “The short is based on a true story told to me by a friend,” writes Naylor on the film’s kickstarter page. “[It’s] about being afraid to get old and learning to age with grace.”

As of this post’s timestamp, the project needs another $1,300 in the next three days via Kickstarter, an online pledge system for creative projects. Here’s a video of the first part of episode one.


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