Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

For the week of April 7-13, 2010.

This week, the planets continue to move into dynamic alignment — and, as they do, the drama of daily life continues to intensify. For some, that translates to positive events that bump regular routines into an entirely different dimension. For others, the mounting planetary intensity only seems to exacerbate existing difficulties, making bad situations worse. We are in the midst of a huge transformational process that is personal, cultural, collective, local, and global, which means that even if the planetary zeitgeist does not directly affect your life, you will still experience the paradigm shift. Simply witnessing the shifts as they occur is sure to be overwhelming at times, so no matter where you find yourself along the spectrum of participation, it is important to practice self-care. Being alert 24/7 may seem like the only choice, but eventually sleep deprivation will set in and encourage foolish or expedient choices. The same is true for a diet of fast food, coffee, and, for those that smoke (and I mean no judgment), cigarettes. These days demand wit and wisdom, both of which are served well by good health.

The ongoing Saturn/Uranus opposition continues to be the astrological center of gravity. While the opposition isn’t exact until April 26, the days leading up to it will grow increasingly tense, so much so that the psychic tension is likely to distort regular routines. Be careful not to place too much emphasis on the small stuff, and instead save your time and energy for matters of utmost importance. As most of you know, the April 26 opposition is the fourth in a series of five oppositions occurring from November 2008 through August 2010. The keywords for this configuration are the dissolution of the status quo. Saturn represents structure, Uranus symbolizes revolution, and oppositions are just what they sound like — oppositional. All of which translates into clashes between what is (or in many cases what was or is currently dissolving) and what is yet to be, which is still unknown because we are in the process of creating it. One of the best ways to handle the tension of this opposition is to recognize where you are resistant to change and then to contemplate why you are holding on so tightly.

As the force field of the Saturn/Uranus opposition intensifies, core issues you thought were long gone will rise (or continue to rise) to the surface of daily life. Don’t be surprised if you’re suddenly facing fear of abandonment, low self-esteem, or family-of-origin-related dynamics you were certain you’d left behind. We are in the midst of a paradigm change, and part of the process is identifying what to leave behind. For some this could mean revisiting old patterns, if only for a moment, to determine what still needs serious, conscious, concentrated psychological work. A healthy mind is as important as a healthy body, especially in the days to come.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon sign, read that, too.

ARIES Take a moment to appreciate your life and to assume an attitude of gratitude. Your cup runneth over with all sorts of goodness, from financial opportunities and positive personal connections to a good night’s sleep.

TAURUS Try not to let previous disappointment in yourself upset your equilibrium. Certain issues may need to be addressed, but if you show up and do the necessary work, you can transform doubt into confidence.

GEMINI Cooperation is the best way to handle what feels like a mountain of work. Assemble your team, delegate responsibilities, and inspire your team members to embrace their authority.

CANCER Rather than feeling polarized, put your efforts into creating a synthesis. Yes, there are several egos, in addition to yours, that need soothing. But if you rely on your innate nurturing skill, you’ll bring balance to the situation.

LEO New Age lore tells us that we are unlimited in our infinite potential. Yet truly powerful people are keenly aware of their limits. Don’t pretend to be what you are not, and you’ll be more than enough.

VIRGO While it may not be easy to let go, if you can release old, outmoded ideas that no longer serve you, and encumber your move into an expanded awareness, you will feel much better. Give it a try — you might like it.

LIBRA Try not to let tension with friends over money spill into other areas and disturb your equilibrium. Money is important, but that’s no reason to let financial tension become a corrosive force.

SCORPIO Apply your innate intensity to creating positive solutions to difficult situations, and you will access the best secret of all: Living a transformative life is the greatest creative project you can undertake.

SAGITTARIUS Your desire to hermitize is still stronger than your desire to socialize, so rather than forcing yourself to participate, give yourself permission to honor your innate rhythm. You’ll be much happier if you do.

CAPRICORN Given your circumspect nature, friends and family may often underestimate your ability to move into action. Don’t be surprised if they are startled by your ability to shift skillfully from one role to another.

AQUARIUS It’s not really your nature to make radical decisions in the heat of the moment, but you might not be able to resist. And while acting on those decisions isn’t necessarily bad, be sure to look before you leap.

PISCES If you allow deep and intimate conversations with friends and family to catalyze a fresh perspective, you will open the door to an entirely new attitude about an old situation.

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