.Headiest Pipe Art Classes

Revere Glass

Part of the East Bay’s Portlandia-like charm is the DIY movement. Brew your own beer. Grow your own pot. Shoot, make your own pipes. Riding that wave is Revere Glass in Berkeley, which instructs people who simply want to make a terrarium, as well as helps launch the careers of aspiring pipers. (That’s “glassblower.” Learn the lingo.) This is a legit, crunchy, tattooed, heady pipe shop in the industrial area of Berkeley off Gilman Street and San Pablo Avenue. Revere’s got lathes, burners, kilns, oxygen, and explosive propane. Of course, the folks there are teddy bears and will host corporate outings or a birthday party for fourteen-year-olds. High -schoolers can do coursework with parental approval. Online classes start at $40, while The Revere Pipe Making Program — an in-depth study of the art of pipe making — runs $4,999.

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