Hannitized For Your Protection

It’s not every day that Berkeley is deemed synonymous with a horde of crazed leftoid drones bent upon destroying everything we hold dear. Well, okay – it is every day. But it’s not every day that Fox News devotes a ten-minute investigative segment to it. Over the weekend, Fox haircut Sean Hannity gave Berkeley’s very own Moveon.org the best going-over he could, linking it with George Soros, Michael Moore, and the Ku Klux Klan.
“As you will see tonight, Moveon.org has been successful not only in pushing the party of Franklin Roosevelt and Scoop Jackson further to the left, but increasingly they control the Democratic party itself through fear and intimidation,” he warned over spooky atmospheric chimes. “Through the years of funnelling money, running smear campaigns, and now through a reign of terror, a relatively small group of Berkeley bloggers have coopted the leadership of the Democratic Party. … Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have taken a back seat to a bunch of activists who spend all of their time shouting at the rain.” Who knew shouting at the rain was the key to seizing power in America? Sean Hannity does. And once you’re done gaping at yonder segment, you will too.

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