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Guv: I’ll Shut Down State If I Don’t Get My Way


The Chronicle reports that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger plans to carry out his threat to veto the budget compromise, blithely disregarding the possibility that indigent health care, student aid, and other critical services will be jeopardized by his stance. Of course, since the legislature already has the two-thirds majority needed to pass the budget, they also have the two-thirds majority to override his veto. So screw him, right? Unfortunately, Schwarzenegger is ever more reckless than that. He warns that if the legislature overrides his budget veto, he’ll turn around and veto every other bill awaiting signature on his desk. That’s hundreds of bills, covering all aspects of life in California, from labor to crime, education, science, and the environment. Years of work, study, and compromise are sitting on his desk, and he’ll pull down his Armani pants and take a big dump all over it. This is the man you wanted to replace Gray Davis, California.