.Grading Jerry

The mayor swept into office with big plans. So what did he actually accomplish?

Jerry Brown Was Right
He was a poor manager but a great salesman.
By Chris Thompson

Inflating the Numbers
The Brown administration
came very close on the 10K Plan. So why the grade inflation?

By Kara Platoni and Robert Gammon

Hype Man for the Arts
Jerry Brown talked about the arts, and then the arts flourished. Does that mean he deserves the credit?

By John Birdsall, David Downs, and Rachel Swan

Can Any Mayor Fix Crime?
Brown took the city’s crime problem seriously, and that seemed to work – for a while.

By Will Harper

Sound and Fury…
Brown’s focus on schools produced little, aside from his two pet charter schools.

By Jonathan Kaminsky

Jerry Brown in Oaktown
A timeline.
By Robert Gammon


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