Going Solar

For the week of July 7-13, 2010.

We’re still in the throes of an unsettling aggregation of planetary energies: two eclipses coupled with the tightening grip of the final Saturn/Uranus opposition. While this information may sound like the same old story, if you turn off previous assumptions, if only for a moment, and listen closely, you’ll sense a shift in the dynamics of daily life. You could chalk up the shift in energy to “madness takes its toll,” but not all the changes taking place are crazy or even negative. Yes, for many of us the relentless intensity continues to be unbearable, especially for those carrying the brunt of recent economic and ecological upheaval. And for those not carrying that particular load, it is important to remember that it’s one thing to say that every crisis is an opportunity, and another thing to actually live through the daily transformation of that suffering. Yet for some of us, even the burdened, the intensified intensity has catalyzed awakenings of body, mind, heart, and soul, and those stirrings are moving many into a new level of participation and commitment to growth, personal as well as collective.

Pluto is the key to understanding the shift in daily dynamics. Last week, Pluto was conjunct the Moon during the lunar eclipse. Pluto/Moon conjunctions are notorious for emotional catharsis. Pluto symbolizes death and rebirth. Add Pluto to an eclipse, which already has the power to amplify feelings, and you have an environment of extreme emotional reactions. The physical lunar eclipse may be over, but its effect lingers on, so don’t be surprised if relationship issues continue to dominate the days and nights of the next several weeks.

Pluto does not play as dramatic a role in the solar eclipse of July 11, but that doesn’t mean its presence won’t be felt. This solar eclipse occurs in Cancer, the Sign associated with issues of family, nurturing, and the longing to belong, all of which translates into yet another layer of emotional sensitivity, specifically expressed as concerns about safety and security. As part of the chart for this eclipse, as well as the chart for the fifth and final Saturn/Uranus opposition, Pluto squares both Saturn and the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, forming a T-square. Oppositions symbolize tension, and a T-square exacerbates the need to release that tension. As Pluto excites the entire bundle, you can expect discharges, yours or others. Also anticipate that while these releases may offer momentary relief, that relief may not be completely satisfying or lasting given that this T-square persists for several weeks.

The most important component of Pluto’s participation is its square to Uranus. Uranus/Pluto interactions of any kind signify the process of transformation — the collapse of an old order and the construction of a new one. From 2012 through 2015, we will experience seven exact Uranus/Pluto squares. Observe what occurs during the coming weeks, because it will set the stage for much of what we will deal with over the next few years.

Most importantly, allow these coalescing forces to help you become aware of your strength, with an eye toward how to use your resources to steady yourself and to help others in need of guidance — physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Remember, most of us could use a little help from a friend.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that too.

ARIES The solar eclipse amplifies the intensity, and while it’s exciting to vibrate at an incredible rate, it is also exhausting. Take care of yourself by planting your feet firmly on the ground of what you need to feel safe.

TAURUS As the solar eclipse continues to focus on communication, it’s important to be clear and direct about what you need. This is not about self-indulgence, but self-awareness.

GEMINI The eclipse effect is still focused on security, but this week the emphasis is on emotional safety. Contemplate what you can do to create a solid emotional support network.

CANCER The solar eclipse could reveal important information about how to establish better equilibrium in all your relations. This is not limited to significant others; it includes partnerships of every denomination.

LEO The solar eclipse focuses on unconscious psychological patterns. Whether it is through dreams, therapy, or close encounters, pay attention to your reactions and you’ll gain valuable insight.

VIRGO The solar eclipse could stimulate unusual responses from the usual suspects, and while some of what’s said is unnecessary, much of it is valuable feedback.

LIBRA The eclipse effect could turn professional concerns into family matters. Rather than react out of old habits, take a deep breath. Not every criticism is meant as a confrontation.

SCORPIO The solar eclipse has the power to provoke a deep sense of existential angst, especially as you wrestle with issues of belief and belonging. Allow yourself to explore, but also give yourself permission to trust.

SAGITTARIUS The eclipse focuses on issues of value, and while finances may play a role, the bigger theme is taking a stand for what matters most to you despite what others might think.

CAPRICORN The solar eclipse illuminates the shadows of unconscious relationship patterns. Although some of what’s revealed is uncomfortable, if you stay open you’ll make positive progress.

AQUARIUS The eclipse effect has the potential to inspire you to be of greater service. Spend some time exploring how being a volunteer might satisfy your urges to help.

PISCES The solar eclipse invites you to express yourself, and it doesn’t matter whether this is through art or politics. What’s important is that you have the courage of your conviction and that you share your opinions.


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