Go with the Flow

Capoeira comes to West Oakland


To see capoeira for the first time is to be instantly entranced. The intricate combination of music, ritualistic dance, and playful combat first developed when Africans from all over the sub-Saharan countries were brought to Brazil as slaves. Its evolution as a fighting art and tradition, writes Maarten de Moor, is a “manifestation of one of the basic ideals in capoeira, and that is to try to use every situation, even if it is forcibly imposed on you, to your best advantage.” This weekend, explore the most traditional of capoeira disciplines when the new Capoeira Angola Center holds its open house. Mestres from the International Capoeira Angola Foundation and other Capoeira Angola groups will be on hand for demonstrations, workshops (including one for children and one for belly-dancers), and a drumming performance by Gamo de Paz’ Quimbanda Bateria. Costs: Saturday night dinner at 7 p.m., $10-$30 sliding scale; $50 for the whole weekend; $10 for individual classes and rodas; $25 for one day of activities. Call 510-655-1952 for more info. The center can be found at 2513 Magnolia St., Oakland. — Stefanie Kalem


Surf’s Up!

Have you ever tossed and turned in bed, agonizing over your decision to take up badminton instead of pursuing your true desire — to become a surfer? Did you watch both Endless Summer movies until you knew the directions to the secret surf breaks by heart? It’s not too late to learn to surf. Despite its name, Oakland-based girlsAdventureOUT offers its outdoor classes and clinics to men, women, and children. Adult beginners’ surfing lessons take place Saturday and Sunday at Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica, and there’s a schedule of day classes and even weekend surf camps available. Other sports include kayaking, rock climbing, and mountain biking. Visit www.girlsadventureout.com to learn more, hodads. — Kelly Vance

TUE 6/10

Pyro Mania

Follow the bouncing Byrnes

So far, the story of the Oakland A’s season has been red-hot centerfielder Eric Byrnes and his wild-style play — averaging at least one body-mangling diving catch per game and batting .342. Fans have taken a shine to the Blond One and his headlong adventures, which sure make it a lot easier to overlook that buzz-kill in the middle of the order named Miguel Tejada. Unlikely hero Byrnes has finally blazed his way off the bench and to the top of the batting order. When the Atlanta Braves come to town Tuesday, they’ll bring in his antithesis, the silky-smooth centerfielder Andruw Jones. And after he exits, the Montreal Expos will arrive for the weekend with the powerful and graceful Vladimir Guerrero, one of the game’s true greats. And us? We’ll have some dude nicknamed “Loco” running into fences at full speed, taking away doubles. Awesome. oaklandathletics.com — Justin Berton

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